Apple Watch Series 5 First Look

Apple just unveiled the newest Apple Watch (we're up to the Series 5 now) and -- I mean this in the nicest way -- but there isn't much to see. Whereas last year's model, the Series 4, ushered in a new, larger screen and a built-in electrocardiogram test, the differences in the Series 5 are difficult to notice at a glance. Chief among them: an always-on display that's constantly visible at dim brightness, but that wakes up to a fuller brightness when you tap it. Read our full story on Engadget: Get More Engadget: • Like us on Facebook: • Follow us on Twitter: • Follow us on Instagram: • Read more:

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Stuart Holloway
Stuart Holloway:
Two screen sizes: 40 & 40 mm
Wow ijustine in the background haha!
will reierson
will reierson:
Gosh, I sure hate it when I'm trying to find my local Earls restaurant but I forgot my compass at home
Do you really need to explain to me reasons why to use a compass?
Erik Leypoldt
Erik Leypoldt:
A compass to find a restaurant, hmmmm genius
0:35 nice error lmao " two screen sizes 40 and 40mm" oh haha
Are the straps an extra $999?! 😂😂😂
Jeff Aycocho
Jeff Aycocho:
Ok but can we all appreciate this guy 0:40 on a scooter.
David Rackley
David Rackley:
“Minor changes”...”no wait, not minor”...”but yea minor”😒
Tara Shivakumar
Tara Shivakumar:
Omg who saw injustice in the background?! 😱😱😱
2 sizes but only mentions one "40 and 40mm" lol
Kamil M.
Kamil M.:
This woman doesn’t know how to make this “upgrade” sound good .... compass to find a local restaurant 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
branIsA CrippledDoucheBag
branIsA CrippledDoucheBag:
funny how she tries to explain always on display as if its a new never done before feature
Thanks for watching...get it thanks for watching....
I'll leave now.
Yohan Lobo
Yohan Lobo:
ijustin is hanging around like she is in supermarket lol
jess mok
jess mok:
when you see ijustine in the background😂
Malcolm Agius
Malcolm Agius:
I always use a compass to go to restaurants lol
iJustine 😍
Daniel Cockayne
Daniel Cockayne:
Dana flexing her Editor-in-chief position 😱🤣
jxr006 NJ
jxr006 NJ:
How many people here have used a compass more than 10 times in their life?

Stupid internal feature they are trying to upsell.
Nexx Zeion
Nexx Zeion:
Tough choice. 40 and 40 mm models
Steve Miller
Steve Miller:
"changes that are not always visible at a passing glance" ...immediately describes always on display, which is literally a change designed to be visible at a passing glance. :)
Own Ransom
Own Ransom:
@ijustine in the background 😂❤
Nehemiah Jenkins
Nehemiah Jenkins:
I’m good with my series 4
Akhil Krishnan
Akhil Krishnan:
Who all saw @ijustine in the background
Pat Carey
Pat Carey:
Tim cook: apple watch 5! Is all new innovative technologies!
We have the Mcapple RDH super duper filth time with extra retina low HD panel display.

We also have the new apple compass. And uhhhh.... it's better than your compass because it's made by apple.

Audience: O...M.......G!!!! I'll totally spend 5grand for that🥰
Siddhant Shah
Siddhant Shah:
2 kidney for apple phone and neabourhood 2 kidney for ape watch series 5 😅
Siegfried Guentensperger
Siegfried Guentensperger:
Kevin Burrell
Kevin Burrell:
Smart watches are starting to get boring. When are they going to introduce something new to them?
Pedro Kritselis
Pedro Kritselis:
Even this lady low key thought this Apple Watch is wack hahahah
"it is very expensive... The ceramic model starts at *$1299* ...."
..... Yeah, that's a little BIT EXPENSIVE!
Desmond Yeo
Desmond Yeo:
The way she explained the compass makes me feel it's more useful than maps.
tee cee
tee cee:
Compass? I thought they have point to point direction since series 2
Ooh look! Ijustine is behind you hahaha
Bobby Chun
Bobby Chun:
You say um A LOT. um
Daniel Maida
Daniel Maida:
Im gonna keep my series 3
juju on that yeet
juju on that yeet:
Now an always on display.. Samsung did that 3 years ago lmao
Jon Undercover
Jon Undercover:
Just say minor change and I won't blame you. Cheers!
Take a shot every time she says “um”. You’ll be drunk in no time
Andras Kiss
Andras Kiss:
Always on display and still one day battery,, wow, it’s amazing, my Garmin Fenix has 22days and it’s also always on. Congrats Apple👍💪👏
It's amazing how Apple still gets away with selling entirely new HARDWARE devices by making minor SOFTWARE tweaks.
Debasmita Nandy
Debasmita Nandy:
For someone who cannot afford anything that is apple related I do watch a lot of these videos
who else saw Justine in the back?? Just me....ok
troy vo
troy vo:
I think this has been the only review where I heard about the new model vs last year “fundamentally the same”
Hey! There’s iJustine in the background! Hahaha!
Viraj Patel
Viraj Patel:
I feel like this is a BTS video of ijustine lil
*look ijustine in the background*
Whaaaaaat 2 screen sizes at 40 & 40mm? 😩
Joshua Duca
Joshua Duca:
Obviously theres nothing new only the face watch square and still same of apple s4 watch you just spent thousand bucks of upgrade lol but its not worth it
biased review fully unleashed. 😉
Rowan Crist
Rowan Crist:
0:36 omg Justine!!
Chris Vettraino
Chris Vettraino:
This lady needs to watch her own video...
Take a shot every time she says “uhh/umm”
Blue Aura
Blue Aura:
This woman doesn’t know how to review
Esa Elias
Esa Elias:
It's an apple watch 4 with AOD
Samuel Grechanyy
Samuel Grechanyy:
You can see ijustine in the back 0:10
Dean M
Dean M:
Gear S3 Classic rules
This feature was must on iOS 13 always on display but apple didn't make It happen ty apple🤬
Reverse Squad
Reverse Squad:
Pretty expensive hh $ 1299
Ok I'll buy it and live on the road
Xervantez Xvi
Xervantez Xvi:
The yellow one cost $1299 seriously wow I guess your crazy to get one nah I’ll get me a yellow switch for 199. Lol 😂 it’s more fun to play
Kisha Hall
Kisha Hall:
I’m team Apple forever!! Just glad I got smarter and no longer run out to get the new iPhone every yr!! They do the same things, better camera though. 👍🏾👍🏾
L Dlink
L Dlink:
Honestly, the compass will ONLY come in handy when you are navigating across the Atlantic/Pacific ocean AND you left your star chart at home. Otherwise, let's see what 3rd party developers have in mind...haha
Chinmoy Bora
Chinmoy Bora:
1299$ for a watch 🤗 God give me a third kidney ,please !!
Blue Tooth
Blue Tooth:
Why can’t Apple sell series 4?
Lucas Kyle
Lucas Kyle:
Did anyone see iJustine in the background
Sebastian Szefer
Sebastian Szefer:
And eyes lands on @iJustine
0:37 😂😂
Sergio Robles
Sergio Robles:
Tell ijustine I say hi
M'Kunta Ba
M'Kunta Ba:
I wanted to buy it in ceramic white but what the hell 1299$ i even replayed when you said that because i couldn't believe it 😂😂 I've the money to buy it but since what I buy must worth it I'll take a galaxy watch active 2 and Serie 5 in aluminum or titanium white
David V
David V:
Sooo basically this apple event was a huge money grab. Nothing special people, save your money for next year.
Patrick VonHorn
Patrick VonHorn:
Lol its 40 and 44mm not 40 and 40 hahahhaa
David Holmgren
David Holmgren:
iJustine even made it into your video!
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez:
Omgggg IJustine!!!
Torion Jones
Torion Jones:
1300 for a watch lol
come on man, you repeat everyting they said in the keynotes. why can't you just show us when you talk about the features. thumb down
Christy Marshall
Christy Marshall:
Nothing has changed but new watch faces I’m good with my 4
Don't mean anything in the nescimus way.
Florian Peter
Florian Peter:
I‘m getting one once they slim down the casing
Benjamin M
Benjamin M:
What a shambolic review of a joke of an update from apple again. They're finished the new Nokia and blackberry is apple. Over priced junk
Jon Wyant
Jon Wyant:
"this year, it is a subtle improvement over last year". Isn't that normally what Apple does? lol
Cypress Van Horn
Cypress Van Horn:
Did they not have the titanium to show?
Donald Roberts
Donald Roberts:
Ho Hum... It's looks just like the series 4... The only difference is Always On Display..🤨 I guess I can use the compass to find my Girlfriend... 😂
Did she say 40 and 40mm.
Willi Daute
Willi Daute:
I see iJustine 😁😲✌🏾
I seen ijustine in this video
Ispy ijustine🤣
navigate to a restaurant using a compass? brilliant
First Red
First Red:
It's tooo huge.. and looks plastic
"40 & 40mm" - interesting
Tomas Juodis
Tomas Juodis:
Titanium = stainless steel?
Tan Le
Tan Le:
I don't know a single person who would use that compass
Tai Thai
Tai Thai:
It is better to use tradition watch
Ijustine second 0:11
Ty Marie
Ty Marie:
Just peeped ijustine😂
Amir Zarrinkalam
Amir Zarrinkalam:
Wow Hey! There’s iJustine in the background! Hahaha
Dont need a compass to travel from home-office and back...
Issam Chaouch
Issam Chaouch:
Did she just said 1299 $ ??
WoW, a new watch 4, amazing! not..
vikas saini
vikas saini:
Press like if u saw ijustine
Y U: