Antivirus creator John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison

Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief remembers John McAfee.

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Хассанеин Мустафа
Хассанеин Мустафа:
"If I suicide myself, I didn't. I was whacked." -John McAfee, 11/30/19
Bouncer Slab & REAL NATURE
Bouncer Slab & REAL NATURE:
For some reason, John warned us multiple times that he would be murdered and it would be made to look like a suicide or accident. 🤔
W Gamble
W Gamble:
He lived one heck of a yolo life. He didn’t kill himself.
Ryan Keyte
Ryan Keyte:
Didn’t he say he had a “dead man switch” that would expose a lot it powerful people if he were to die suspiciously?
another person
another person:
if they said he died from alcohol withdrawal i wouldve believed that over suicide.
Eddie Maniac
Eddie Maniac:
He literally went on record saying he would never commit suicide..
Dave Gammon
Dave Gammon:
John McAfee didn’t kill himself.
Alex Tapia
Alex Tapia:
They finally got him. Damn. God bless his soul.
Gus Levy
Gus Levy:
“The authorities found him lying hogtied on the floor with a tennis ball in his mouth. They quickly surmised that this was an obvious suicide. Case closed.”
Supperdog -
Supperdog -:
Unfortunately he knew his murder was coming. This man was living on borrowed time, bless his soul
J. Clay
J. Clay:
Now the government can get their greasy paws on all his money without a legal fight.
Piper Pruiksma
Piper Pruiksma:
He was being hunted, he did not kill himself
No. 6 at utube jail
No. 6 at utube jail:
He was killed. Spanish prison sounds sketchy as heck. Poor guy. At least he lived an interesting life. May his soul pass in peace to the next life.
Tazio Loglisi
Tazio Loglisi:
"I would never kill myself" John MCafee has been killed, I mean he committed "suicide"
Veni Velino
Veni Velino:
John always knew they were out to get him. This is not a suicide.
Big Hex
Big Hex:
"John McAfee found with 3 gunshots in the back of the head, and stuffed into suitcase with both arms dismembered. Authorities believe, after extensive analysis, that this was an obvious suicide."
Bichpants McGee
Bichpants McGee:
Well, I guess we found out who did security for the Clinton's servers.
Peyton Parkhill
Peyton Parkhill:
He didn't kill himself. He was murdered.
Joe S in AK and ID
Joe S in AK and ID:
So, why the hell was he in a Spanish Prison? Certainly relevant and yet never mentioned. Poor "reporting" there.
Eugene S
Eugene S:
"Did some *other business ventures* after that"....... LOL, the understatement of the century.
L Proof
L Proof:
The Clintons must own Norton stock.
I hope he had evidence that he had mailed to Veritas at the announcement of his death... He said he would have never commit suicide.. we should believe him.
Marie Jones
Marie Jones:
Saw that coming…. He himself predicted it! He’s the anti gates ….
World To Come Podcasts
World To Come Podcasts:
Can we get a “John Mcafee didn’t kill himself” meme trending?
Joe Fish
Joe Fish:
Absolutely no chance this was a suicide. 🤡🇺🇸🐑🐑🐑
Rocky Road
Rocky Road:
Not a single word about why he was in prison. Stellar reporting.
Sandy Zalecki
Sandy Zalecki:
He used to be my neighbor. He had a mansion in the middle of a remote New Mexico desert. He lost it from bankruptcy. He was a colourful character indeed.
d b
d b:
Why bring up his wife in that context ?
absurdly cute
absurdly cute:
1. what info did he have that they didn’t want out?
2. what’s the news story that they are trying to distract us from today?
he has $wackd tattooed on his arm to remind everyone he didn't kill himself
Same prison guards who watched Epstein, probably.
John McAfee didn’t kill himself
the feds killed johnny boi, cant wait to see what info dump comes out after his death.
"If I suicide myself, I didn't. I was whacked." -John McAfee
Francisco Fernandes
Francisco Fernandes:
“Sad news” - you always say that with these people connected to having information on the deep state.
T J:
I used to work in a bank. His antiviral software was so powerful, the banks used it to protect valuable customer information. Ever since then, I always used McAfee on my devices.
Rhonda Negrete
Rhonda Negrete:
He was wacked. He had information on Clinton and others.
Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto:
I just wanted to show respect to John McAfee rip John
Fuck Youtube
Fuck Youtube:
He didn’t kill himself he was murdered.
"they're not after me, they're after you and i'm just in their way" Donald J Trump... dude was right... if Trump goes down we go underground, trust no one....
DJ Noise
DJ Noise:
I don’t think he killed himself, he was more likely uninstalled from the system
Poe Food
Poe Food:
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. May he rest in peace.
RIP John. You were a maniac and an inspiration.
"Went off the rails?" You mean he lived life?
"Went off the rails."
I spit my drink when he said that. 😆
Natalia C SR
Natalia C SR:
It's repugnant how they want to tarnish his image after they killed him.
Desire Prints
Desire Prints:
Sad he didn’t see Bitcoin at $1,000,000
Matt Pohl
Matt Pohl:
John McAfee didn't kill himself.
Oh boy we needed him to take care of all this hacking in The US.
75 years old and lived like he was in his 20's.... I really liked him 😐
Apex Rosetti
Apex Rosetti:
Dude was murdered. John MCafee was a fucking legend.
He had a dead man switch. Stuff will leak out in coming weeks
The Last
The Last:
They can't kill their way out of their lies, the tide is turning and they know it.
Literally Tweeted months ago
“If I die ala Epstein, know I did not kill myself.”
Associates & GIvens
Associates & GIvens:

Another Questionable Death Of A VERY Wealthy Man That Does Not Pass The Smell Test!
Spaceman • 78 years ago
Spaceman • 78 years ago:
“If I end up dead just know, I didn’t kill myself”
C Brown
C Brown:
Wow. This is surprising to hear, yet also expected somehow.
RIP McAfee - There will never be another like you brother!
Mivatz Covidstein
Mivatz Covidstein:
I didn’t even know he was in a Spanish prison 😳
Tony The Truck Guy
Tony The Truck Guy:
I don’t know how or why, but Hillary was probably behind this 😂
RIP John Mcafee, a man who despite being absolutely crazy, was one of the loudest voices of reason in his class.

Vengeance will come, I dont know how, I dont know when, nobody does. But we all want it, and one day we will get it.
Mike Revendale
Mike Revendale:
It's hardly a "sad" ending to this gentleman's long and interesting life. It seems like a fitting way to go, rather than in a hospital or nursing home, for such a man.
If a ex-founder falls in prison, does he make a sound? Or just the news?
Tk Hannibal
Tk Hannibal:
How much does Intel benefit from his death. Some ain't right here, for a guy who said he would never kill himself
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve:
This was done by the Federal reserve / powerful technocrats I have no doubt
Yahoo doesn’t mention that he said he would never suicide himself? I guess this is news that wont repeat the facts even if it’s literally tattooed on a dead mans body.
Man. He moved around like a ghost and they finally nailed him. RIP John.
The Elites got to him...
Mr. N
Mr. N:
It was on this day June 23rd, that put our heads down in sadness for we have lost ourselves a real-life Joestar.
facts 007
facts 007:
John McAfee didn't kill himself period
Sounds like he suffered a $5 wrench attack. No one will ever have his bitcoin!
"If I suicide myself, I didn't. I was whacked." -John McAfee, 11/30/19
So, uh, why was he in prison? Nobody mentioned that in this report.
Tommy Vogt
Tommy Vogt:
He said people were trying to kill him they said he was loonie
Aziz Abbas
Aziz Abbas:
Uncalled for to mention his wife’s former past, she got married what more you want
Haze Haberdasher
Haze Haberdasher:
That is the most John McAfee title I have read in a minute
Sky Lo
Sky Lo:
This Sh*t is getting REAL. The big dogs are out!!!! 💥 This was a HIT!
Media Addict
Media Addict:
"Kind of went off the rails" that's putting lightly, dude was ramming drugs up his rear, shot his neighbor, had underage slaves in his home/drug lab and now they are trying to sound solem like its the passing of some sort of Saint.
Tyler Mallory
Tyler Mallory:
He repeatedly has said he would never take his on life... Dude was whacked!
Dingjun GUO
Dingjun GUO:
US regime is the devils’ bloody knife that killed John McAfee.
B K:
Many layers to this man we will never know RIP John
Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera:
Oh man, this is sad to hear about him
“Journalists”: it’s so sad, so sad…. let us try to discredit him 🤮
Mag Max
Mag Max:
Apparently he didn't have his windows protected.
Best Ever
Best Ever:
He made a movie about the Deep State in 2020 that was squashed. He was then arrested.
Emmitt Ingram
Emmitt Ingram:
Gringo: The dangerous life of John Mcafee. Its a fantastic documentary that will give you a great idea of what John Mcafee really was...
To Kyo
To Kyo:
He lived his life to the fullest! RIP 🙏🏻
EG Music
EG Music:
Lets see how the msm covers up this story
Just Me
Just Me:
I literally refused to use McAfee anti virus soft wear cause he was such a lunatic. Had no idea if he was still part of the company. Avoid like the plague cause his name is still on it.
Rustie Cuffordson
Rustie Cuffordson:
McAfee didn't kill himself
David Roth
David Roth:
Wasn't he claiming the govt. was trying to kill him and he'd never kill himself?? Yes, he did. I remember.
Easton M
Easton M:
McAfee didn't kill himself!
Tommy McGhee
Tommy McGhee:
Sad News Although A Life Well Lived for Good or Bad...This Guy Lived his Life by His Rules unlike to majority of the Sheep in the West...RIP GodSpeed
You knew this was coming. Ffs the guy has been living on the run for years.
Joe Tallon
Joe Tallon:
If he was happily married and you say “ that’s good” Then why did you feel the need to mention his wife was a prostitute? Seems to me you’re pushing a narrative, and you don’t know the whole story. Gee, that’s different.
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing:
He was "Epsteined." And of course the media takes it up the kister without question. Sad and pathetic.
Tax Slave
Tax Slave:
This is ver sad. RIP John McAffee.
I just watched and read comments and left a couple of my own and just realized this is the most interest in McAfee I have ever had. 🤔
XRP Don L:
Sad! I’m happy for him, this great man got to 75 years and most importantly he lived! How many of you can say that? The only sad thing is that he died caged in my opinion!
Daisy Avenger
Daisy Avenger:
No matter how much money- you just never know where you end up in the end! RIP!