Staff Member Leaks Photos of MOMOLAND Nancy

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what nancy is going through rn is something that women don't deserve to experience. i hope that woman rots and gets beaten up in jail and everyone who's responsible in sharing such photos. what happened is a serious matter and no one deserves that. respect her. respect women.
Ekata Baral
Ekata Baral:
How dare that staff
This staff will get a lot of hate
This staff need to get fired nowww
Christian Vik Lantaca
Christian Vik Lantaca:
Why does people always do that to nancy!? Did nancy do anything to you people out there!!!!! She's not doing anything to you right?! GOSHHH I'M PISSED ON PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS HATE THE GOOD GIRL !!
Manav Chauhan
Manav Chauhan:
Save Nancy , God please help her🙏🏻
A A:
Oh myy, this is disgusting. That staff needs to be in jail, not just fired. I don't even know anything about MOMOLAND or Nancy, but as a girl, I can literally feel the mental pain. I hope she's okay, and that the photos get deleted ASAP
Era7Army KᴏOᴋAᴄHᴜ
Era7Army KᴏOᴋAᴄHᴜ:
I saw the account and i was so disgusted of the person who took the photo
Mamo Ju
Mamo Ju:
Im so sorry for Nancy. I can't imagine the feeling she is going through. These Fotos are all over the internet already. I got to know aboit this situation on Twitter. And as soon as i clicked on the Hashtag, the Fotos appeard. The worst thing is that under all the tweets are more sexuall Fotos and comments. The best thing to do is to report these immediately and to tweet more positive Tweets. I hope that the Fotos are disappearing soon...
Chahra Ch
Chahra Ch:
I feel sorry for her how could someone be that perv to picture her naked and share it
These people omg.
Idk why but first of all she is one of the most hated idol. And now this stuffs no no no just imagine what she is going through. She deserves so much better
Lalisé 127
Lalisé 127:
Hit them with that ddu ddu du for doing such a thing!
Ara Mide
Ara Mide:
pray she wouldnt have a mental breakdown for this carelessness mistake by their staff God please protect her even tho I don’t know her but still God please heal and protect her🙏🏽
jisoo & Jungkook Siblings
jisoo & Jungkook Siblings:
These staff member were mindless how they can do this Nancy!! She is only 19 at that time whatever age doesn't matter respect girls and woman's stopped. Disrespecting her !
Djjc Sjvkl
Djjc Sjvkl:
She doesn't deserve that.
X- LEI참 • 7
X- LEI참 • 7:
Lol of course the staff came from MLD so its means they are suck like MLD. I feel bad for Momoland and T1419,they debuted in the worst company,wrong time wrong place. I hope Momoland left MLD ent. And join Pnation and Remake Momoland with former Member Yeonwoo daisy and taeha.
i feel so bad for her, she's suffering so much
Paul Simon
Paul Simon:
Our Filipino merries are upset, angry, and disappointed especially my friends about the staff who took photos of Nancy while she is undressing! Someone should fired that person in the company.
kíndα líѕα
kíndα líѕα:
I rlly don't like these why there won staff doing this how would she have felt now it would be so unforgettable experience for her we should protect her
this is so disgusting given the fact that idols don’t have that much of privacy and then to leak pictures of her undressing..... MLD has to do something
Neil Harper
Neil Harper:
I certainly hope MLD will pursue legal action to the fullest extent, and at the same time, institute more stringent processes in recruiting staff support personnel.
Tarun Singh
Tarun Singh:
I just don't know why do people do this. And even staff and company should take care of these things. She's a great star and this kinda things really affect them. We cannot even imagine that form how much pain is she going on. But Merrys came together and helped. MLD should take a very very strict action. And should also take precautions from next time. What ever happened we can't do anything for it, but we can take a lesson so it doesn't happen with anyone again😔😔
Thank you for blurring the photos
Retro Wave
Retro Wave:
Just imagine how much she is going through can't imagine please let's protect her
iam aleah
iam aleah:
I feel so bad for her 😭😔
#m!nh3re !!
#m!nh3re !!:
I just saw the photos, please report the accounts that took part in leaking the pictures
0:51 THATS MY TWEET (the one with the white bg) OMG
Paul Simon
Paul Simon:
What the heck?! How could this staff without discipline of his/her job in MLD Entertainment? The person is interested looking in female's body. It's very disgusting!!
This issue with Nancy should’ve never happened and I honestly almost cried once I heard the news. I don’t stan Momoland like that, but as a woman, events like this truly make me heartbroken. PLEASE, IF YOU SEE ANY OUTLETS SPREADING INFORMATION ABOUT GAINIG ACCESS TO THESE PHOTOS, REPORT REPORT REPORT!
meowmeow 7
meowmeow 7:
I can't imagine her and her families reaction and how they reacted to it. I hope that stuff will get fired and will be in jail. Karma will get to the stuff who did this and I hope the company will do more strict securities and rules for the momoland artists. And also that their shorts won't be that short bc I can feel that they are uncomfortable even me as I saw the videos etc
Oh god plz save nancy
miranda Fiona
miranda Fiona:
L really to worry nancy 😢 plss lord save him and momoland😢
Jennies lost socks from last week
Jennies lost socks from last week:
Omfg the disrespect these staffs have, your getting payed because of her and the group is it that hard to stay loyal?? Staff or not idgaf have some respect in you she is a woman which gives it more of a reason NOT to post it. Some of ya’ll seem to have forgotten that Nancy is a human being that’s trying to stay alive being one of the most hated idols out there. I don’t know her very well but even so doesn’t give anyone the right to post about someone’s privacy and something that they haven’t given you consent over.
Maurima Mandal
Maurima Mandal:
Randomly browsing out ere
Randomly browsing out ere:
I hope the one who took the pics will get caught and punished
Sharlene Tapaya
Sharlene Tapaya:
Protect nancy please
One of the local staff there to help with the stage took sensitive pictures of Nancy. The company is planning to sue.
This is so disrespectful. That staff needs to go on a jail right now! My gosh what mld doing right now
Anu Anu
Anu Anu:
God!!! Please sav her... she is my angel...she is so kind n talented... just save her god!! Please 🙏🙏🙏she is my everything...
jannah Blink
jannah Blink:
blink we can help Nancy
Love Is Only Yoo
Love Is Only Yoo:
Please email MLD about this. Its been 3 days since this happened and MLD isn't do anything. They don't deserve this. No one deserve this.
Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson:
God bless and help you Nancy
Gai-anne Yen
Gai-anne Yen:
Paolo Fu
Paolo Fu:
I saw them 🤤
Atharva Sharma
Atharva Sharma:
That's not good man 🙁 how anyone can do so .
Parya Xanm
Parya Xanm:
Nick Borromeo
Nick Borromeo:
Im really saddened that someone from itzy discord leaked the photos too! I am afraid that they leaked photos of itzy too and show it to the public this is really disturbing and infuriating at the same time!!!!
Joy Encarnado
Joy Encarnado:
Anu ba gusto mo honey love? :)
I can't even imagine what's she going through😓. This whole thing is utterly disgusting🤮. She don't deserve this,no one does.I hope whoever did this rot in jail. Lots of love and support for Nancy🙂
Jovan Eric A derano
Jovan Eric A derano:
Nancy don't lose hope be strong
Jabami Yumeko
Jabami Yumeko:
Where are the uncensored version?
For research purpose
› raffa.
› raffa.:
I am disgusted, hope she's ok :(
Thlana Hmar
Thlana Hmar:
Sue the staff
Anthony Hombria
Anthony Hombria:
2022 new memo
Tự Nguyễn
Tự Nguyễn:
현재 경찰은 스파이 캠을 수사하고 있으며 곧 그 사람을 법 앞에서 기소하도록 할 것입니다
Beth De Guzman
Beth De Guzman:
Ano PO bang nangyari? Sana may Pinoy na sumagot😁
corazon embalzado
corazon embalzado:
Mabait siya ilang beses na siya pumunta sa pinas, for me siya maganda sa loob at labas na kalooban gusto ko ang kanyang kalooban.
Sunflower Unicorn
Sunflower Unicorn:
Save nancy🙏🙏🙏please god!!
The Beast
The Beast:
She doesnt deserves any of this.
Angelis Park
Angelis Park:
Stay strong Nancy....
jin's handsome chopsticks
jin's handsome chopsticks:
SUBJECT: 모모랜드 낸시 Momoland’s Nancy Sexual Harassment

Please take action against inappropriate images of Momoland’s Nancy. Recently, photos of Nancy getting undressed/being undressed were shared in a discord group chat with over five hundred people. These images are now being spread on twitter and other places. This is completely illegal and disrespectful to Nancy. Please take action in prosecuting, reprimanding or at least finding these people. Thank you.

모모랜드 낸시의 부적절한 이미지에 대해 조치를 취해주세요. 최근, 낸시가 옷을 벗거나 옷을 벗는 사진이 500명이 넘는 사람들과의 불화 단체 대화에서 공유되었습니다. 이 이미지들은 현재 트위터와 다른 장소에 퍼지고 있습니다. 이것은 완전히 불법이고 낸시에게 무례합니다. 기소, 문책 또는 최소한 이 사람들을 찾는 조치를 취하십시오. 감사해요.
Chris Lawrence Diaz
Chris Lawrence Diaz:
Protect for Nancy plss...😥
Usman Khan
Usman Khan:
• 〰 • Marie
• 〰 • Marie:
Bruh wtf
احب جيني لأنها تشبهني ملكة نفسي ارميبلينك متنمرة
احب جيني لأنها تشبهني ملكة نفسي ارميبلينك متنمرة:
Where is the humanity, this filthy behavior? Do not publish the pictures. Please, it will cause a scandal. She is a person with feelings 💔
نانسي احبك ⁦❤️⁩
Yo0ra _kim
Yo0ra _kim:
she's not worth it 😢
Joy Encarnado
Joy Encarnado:
Sabihin mo gusto mo ibibigay ko:) mayaman ako
Alara Pala
Alara Pala:
This is really disgusting.. and the company isn't doing anything about it 😠 I hope that they fire him/her
Nobi Nobi
Nobi Nobi:
Oh dear nancy . Help her god please
link to photos ?
Live life
Live life:
I love her so much
Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson:
Those creeps are idiots. Your too sweet for that.
ترجمه عربيه بليز.
Arabic translation please.
She wouldn't have expected or ever thought something like this would happen to her cause first off, it's female staff and I'm sure she trusts them all. She must be so devastated. I think this would make other agencies strict about who goes in and out of the changing room and they shouldn't allow phones too. This is so sad
Muba Konsam
Muba Konsam:
I am not a fan, but she doesn't deserve it. They should fire and keep the staff in jail now. 😡
She is one of the hated kpop idols because of this,
And please blinks fight for jennie, she is the number one kpop idol who is hated and she also don't deserve it. She is really good
Joy Encarnado
Joy Encarnado:
Si Jeremiah encarnado toh
toby awaw
toby awaw:
there's really nothing to see, but it's very inappropriate and disrespectul to do to a person,
jimin박 지민
jimin박 지민:
Incel Army
Incel Army:
lol videos like these are spreading it even more
Zara Shaikh
Zara Shaikh:
Oh god hope she is okay
dívínє dαчum ít
dívínє dαчum ít:
Wtf....Even staff...Oh mannn
Samantha Ramirez
Samantha Ramirez:
Let's protect Nancy, at all cost.
Taehyun need help
Taehyun need help:
What a bad year to start 🙄 2021 is a bad year for kpop and she don't deserves that.
Jarvis Laurente
Jarvis Laurente:
Stop this doing this issue idol is same human & hope nancy not fragile fighting we love you. Momoland.
She got a lot of hate because of her weight and now this... i feel so bad for her
Gigi Adraque
Gigi Adraque:
Justice for idol NAncy
Zoot Blanc
Zoot Blanc:
TV Duc
TV Duc:
Im Vietnam people i really sorry 😞
Dafa Karto
Dafa Karto:
Save Nancy
hilbero grachelle
hilbero grachelle:
ben mister
ben mister:
is that really her?
Photo Maker
Photo Maker:
Publicity stunt! Their latest comeback didn't do so well, so they've got to do something!
FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst
FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst:
staff member ? was it a girl who released it? pathetic either way
Ritu Bieber
Ritu Bieber:
I'm so angry for her😠😠😠
Nirupama H
Nirupama H:
I hate the people who did that
Pls save Nancy I am not a fan but this is something which anyone will hate
Yes give him punishment
yun min
yun min:
she doesn't deserve this. we have to protect nancy, so pls report any posts regarding this issue that shows illegal pictures taken. let's all cheer her up! ✨❤️
At least the leaks were taken down pretty fast
Yenyen Espinosa
Yenyen Espinosa:
Many out of people here... WHY NANCY?!!!!!😠😠
The photos are basically impossible to find, and if you find them they are censored
Azrul Shah
Azrul Shah:
can i know the staf that took nancy pic girl or boy? mybe if girl she's hate nancy or jealous but if boy yeah u know why.