90-SECOND HIGHLIGHTS: Southampton 1-0 Liverpool | Premier League

Southampton started 2021 in style, as Danny Ings' goal against his former club earned Saints an impressive 1-0 win over reigning Premier League champions Liverpool.

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100+ ความคิดเห็น:

We have more Manchester United fans here than Southampton fans.
Ikenna Iteogu
Ikenna Iteogu:
This is no fluke, this Southampton team is really good
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight:
The last scene was such an emotional. He took the blame when they conceded 9 now look where they are now. Respect 👏👏
All In 1
All In 1:
Respect From Old Traford ❤️
Pes is Awesome
Pes is Awesome:
A Liverpool player scores against his old club, I'm proud of him
Mkhunjulwa Dhlamini
Mkhunjulwa Dhlamini:
It's incredible how after that result versus Leicester, the Southampton board kept faith in Hassenhuttl. Look at this team now. I wish football clubs were run more like this

Yeah I'm a Manchester United fan.
Freddie Doswell
Freddie Doswell:
Boys looked like they were willing to die for those 3 points! Love it boys 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
Brilliant performance, thank you guys! Sincerely, Man United fans.
"5 years after won against Liverpool"

Yea, you bet you can see that again
B M:
Aaaah much anticipated this result however was mid nite time my time zone and just happened to have switched to early routine. Regret not consuming every moment alive.
Roydex Channel
Roydex Channel:
I just came here to laugh, Congrats Southampton!
Gabby Dario
Gabby Dario:
Go Kyle Walker-Peters! Spurs fan here but proud to see him doing awesome at Southampton!
Thank you!
Obrigado! 🇧🇷
Manchester United 👍
Knp nangis om?
Michael Anthony Gordon
Michael Anthony Gordon:
Brilliant performance lads... I'm proud of each n every one of u guys today n so is ralph.... COYR ‼️‼️❤️❤️❣️❣️💕💓
Elijah Khaira
Elijah Khaira:
Not only a great result, especially with all our injuries, but also a great display by the players and coaches! Best part about it is that the they’ll be no more annoying Liverpool fans trying to be idiots as they know that their own signing their death warrant by doing that!
Just A Hooman
Just A Hooman:
as a United fans, You deserved more than this
Chandra Manurung
Chandra Manurung:
Good job and respect Southampton!
❤️From MU fan
Enoch Korir
Enoch Korir:
Every player that play against his old club must score😧in any match.
Dejan Putra
Dejan Putra:
Hasenhuttl vs Man utd : they celebrate like they just won the title
Hasenhuttl vs Liverpool : Literally crying
Mookel Miers
Mookel Miers:
Liverpool fan here, you deserved the win I’m not even mad because we usually play like this, hope you do well throughout the season.
Alfian Bon
Alfian Bon:
Liverpool is full of players poached from Southampton, and they won the league. Imagine if Southampton never lost those bright talents and still playing for them combined with their current best players now. Imagine the potential
Devit Tenta Pramana
Devit Tenta Pramana:
My tears flowing when see ralph crying, he so into the team 😭
Chris Köberl
Chris Köberl:
Ralph Hasenhüttl ist a Guru Coach!!
Thank you!
Finally, Liverpool lost again. Thanks to you and Aston Villa. That Manchester City are going for the title💙🔵
101M views . 1 day ago
101M views . 1 day ago:
What I don't understand is how Man Utd penalties caused Liverpool's lose to Southampton
Felix #GGMU
Felix #GGMU:
VAR: Your signature has expired.
Liverpool: :(
Arpan Mathur
Arpan Mathur:
Brilliant victory.. coming from a City fan
David Monsalve
David Monsalve:
0:26 I can finally to get a home for my loved ones by having this here look up on the web for *f un dailyp a y*
azrin mohd azidin
azrin mohd azidin:
really impressed with the saints after project restart.. their style of play hv been enjoyable to watch.. difficult to break down and defending from the front.. scores all types of goals too..
Samuel Nesina
Samuel Nesina:
It was his 50 th goal in his PL career , What a goal he remember
Nancy Sellei Carter
Nancy Sellei Carter:
0:48 Every day I am given 194 because of that here to own this also look up on-line for *f un da i l y p a y*
Vilda Wiguna Official
Vilda Wiguna Official:
Thanks for Southampton 🙏 we are united 🔥 #MUFC
Let's go Saints

I'm a Spurs fan, revenge ready
Takudzwa Mufunde
Takudzwa Mufunde:
United pulls a massive comeback against them, "They were celebrating like they'd just won the league"
Wins against Liverpool, STARTS CRYING

Fikri Rizal Gozali
Fikri Rizal Gozali:
Best right back in the world ~
Trusting Ralph has bring you guys good results. I hope other teams can learn to trust in their manager's long term project
wida maulana
wida maulana:
life is like a round. later Klopp will go on like when in Dortmund
What Hasenhüttl did with this Southampton team. is really insane... Cheers from a Man United Fan
Mohamad Nur-hafizuddin Abdullah Mohamad Norajame
Mohamad Nur-hafizuddin Abdullah Mohamad Norajame:
1:30 , 😂😂love this manager🥺
Aaron Rawago
Aaron Rawago:
I've never been sooo happy at another team's result
This is what I wanted to see..never thought it would be so quick though
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli:
At my first glance I thought Ralph was Klopp.
Muhammad L
Muhammad L:
As a mufc fan i wanna say that so'ton is a DAMN Well Run club.
Thxxx tho.

Sam Hopper
Sam Hopper:
Amazing game. Loved it (Saints shirt comes in the post soon)
J B:
Diallo and Tella really proving themselves as future stars. I hope to see more from them, who knows, they could end being regular starters in the following years.
priyanshu kunwar
priyanshu kunwar:
Thanks a lot
Lots of love from Tottenham fan👏
Just another Utd fan impressed by some defensive display
Hkm Saharan
Hkm Saharan:
Southampton in form 🤩
Immanuel Simanjuntak
Immanuel Simanjuntak:
Good job Southampton 🔥
Arga Wibisono
Arga Wibisono:
Well done KWP, i'm very happy for you it's been a year and you are being sensational after joined Saints, respect from spurs fan.
Gaming Overlord
Gaming Overlord:
When United lift the prem, we will surely credit the lads from Southampton.
Muhammad Siddiq
Muhammad Siddiq:
we are from manchester united want to say thank you, hahaha
Alex Brown
Alex Brown:
What a brilliant performance from the team. Ralph was overwhelmed with so much emotion and you can truly see it when he collapsed to his knees and teared up on the touchline. Ralph is in my opinion the most passionate manger in the prem. He was still full of emotion in the post match press conference he was still in tears struggling to get his words out. Now that is passion everyone. Well done to the team what a performance you've done Ralph extremely proud and you've done us the fans proud. I think I can speak for the fans when I say we're extremely grateful to have Ralph as our manager he's changed the team so much since the home defeat against Leicester and he's changed the team into a very strong disciplined side. You can truly see what this journey means to him. COYS what a performance what a win. Absolutely fantastic win. 🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴
Rahmat A Piliang
Rahmat A Piliang:
Thx Soton 🔥
HejkaTuTymeczek 026
HejkaTuTymeczek 026:
Thank You <3
Noah Bhatta
Noah Bhatta:
Love from manchester united ❤️❤️
Kevin Kevy
Kevin Kevy:
What an emotional ending?
Adit Hermansyah
Adit Hermansyah:
ggwp soton✨
Apeka Achumi
Apeka Achumi:
Glory glory man utd when the saints come marching on🤣🤣
Nice lads. From West Sussex
Patar Simatupang
Patar Simatupang:
LaYaabka Dunida
LaYaabka Dunida:
We Have more Southampton Fans
Than Happy
Rezky Anwar
Rezky Anwar:
Watched by everton 😂😂😛
haha park
haha park:
사우스햄튼 멋져요!👍👍👍
Kama Kazi
Kama Kazi:
Soton is always man utd nightmare lol... Thanks for the 3 points.
Red Devil
Red Devil:
Ralph you beauty!!!!❤️❤️
Gadget 4 Biz
Gadget 4 Biz:
Forget about tables, the goal itself is class
Marcus Alexander
Marcus Alexander:
what a goal !!As a Native Scummer seeing saints at 6 is good , and beating liverpool
Fredy Adisurya
Fredy Adisurya:
Thankyou from Man United fan, hope you guys get the spot for Europa at least 👍
AJP Reactions
AJP Reactions:
Thank you Sourhampton so much I hope you guys get top 6 or even top 4
From from A United fan 😀
Muhammad Eko Anang
Muhammad Eko Anang:
Finally forster play!!
Surag Bhusal
Surag Bhusal:
Thank you 😊 Danny Ings ❤️❤️❤️❤️
kakak aulia
kakak aulia:
Thanks soton. GGMU
Vicky Dwi Andrianto 1108
Vicky Dwi Andrianto 1108:
Thank you, because Manchester United is getting easier to rank 1, thanks again
Hie Eih
Hie Eih:
Thank you Soton, Very cool..
Melbourne Smith
Melbourne Smith:
Tbh, I kinda expected this. Great Job Southampton👍
Bharath R
Bharath R:
Thank You Southampton!!!
David Araújo
David Araújo:
Congrats lads!!!
Sin sc
Sin sc:
Tresns Purnama
Tresns Purnama:
Thank you soton from man utd fans😂😂😂
Abu Bazenga
Abu Bazenga:
Gotta love how Dany Ings didn't do an over the top celebration against his old club
Robert Calinescu
Robert Calinescu:
Congratulations! 🔥🔝⚽
Hadiyatillo Muhammadjonov
Hadiyatillo Muhammadjonov:
Respect !
Elena Paker
Elena Paker:
Good Job!!!
샛바람TV-동쪽에서 부는 바람
샛바람TV-동쪽에서 부는 바람:
Martez Daw
Martez Daw:
I still remember how hassenhuttl took responsibility after that bizarre 9-0 loss without even blaming it on his players and now his players are stepping up for him. He's absolutely transformed the side. A very special manager. Been following him since his Leipzig days. Where he got them promoted, pushed Bayern right till the final day and finished 2nd in their debut season. Credit to the Southampton hierarchy too for backing him. Didn't even look up once during the 9-0 post match interview and today he cried tears of joy.
Kepha Ma
Kepha Ma:
gotta milk it lmao in the description
impressive 1-0 win over *reigning Premier League champions Liverpool*
aby modayil
aby modayil:
United had to work so hard to get a result against this southampton side.

When united won they all under appreciated southampton’s

This side is going places, great time to be a saints fan.
20 Lege_nd
20 Lege_nd:
Thank you. - a United fan
Abhishek Giri
Abhishek Giri:
I feel So Happy When they Lose!!! 😁😎
Gul Makai
Gul Makai:
Manchester united 😍
Thank you Saints!