5 Reasons To Get The Vivo V17 Pro

In this video, I will highlight 5 reasons why you should consider getting the V17 Pro.

*Price & availability update:-
Coming Soon! (Official Launch Date 3rd October 2019)
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46 ความคิดเห็น:

I really like ur innocent smile Uncle while u start the video
Great stuff macha !
Petar Fartsov
Petar Fartsov:
Nice job, Adam! 👍
Good point friend. Really great display tho
wanakmalarief WAN ABD RAHMAN
wanakmalarief WAN ABD RAHMAN:
Nice review, still looking for a phone to buy for my mom n dad
really verygood features😍😍 i hv this
K C:
Adam what about the chipset, what android version it comes in? And also the charging capabilities?

I know it's easy for me to just Google it up, but since I'm in your channel why not just get all of the information in one place. :-)

Perhaps it was mentioned in the video but I missed some parts of it.
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Like & Subscribe:
Hey there 👋👋👋👋 .... I respect you man .... Your fan from 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
simon Cereno
simon Cereno:
How much is that ?
And awesome video 👌.
A.sadik Shaikh
A.sadik Shaikh:
I think your 5reason is really good 😆😄😋and great camera phone 😂 useful video 👌 thanks
Anurag Gupta 2.0
Anurag Gupta 2.0:
I like your smile sir which was in the start and do you know I also have the same Phone the Vivo v17 pro and I'm watching this video in it
Akil Nusir
Akil Nusir:
done like 👍
Irving 7
Irving 7:
i was expecting for telephoto lens.... But I guess I have to wait a little bit longer for more next generation
bro,.... there's a lot of cameras bro XD.... which is good and this phone are USB Type-C port???
Nice one bro! That double front facing camera is over the top. I dunno man...I’m really happy with my Mi9t Pro haha...thought battery life may be not to my expectations. Battery life test video in future ? 😁
Chu Feng
Chu Feng:
The selfie at night time is phenomenal!, Totally would buy it, if oneplus7t wasnt in my list .
Ubi Kayu
Ubi Kayu:
Cantik design dia👍..camera cntik
Cumaaaa teringin nk tau..apa kelemahan phone ni klau dibandingkan harga dia..dgn phone lain dlm range harga sama
Blonde Dip
Blonde Dip:
To me every phone must have camera night mode and im congratulating vivo for catching up with the competition.
good midrange phone but the processor is the same as in the Vivo V15pro.
have a good day and peace bro!
Haziq Al
Haziq Al:
Does it come with usb type-C Adam?
man with no name
man with no name:
All the negative feedback on snapdragon 675 is rather unjustified. I apparently "downgraded" from Galaxy s9 to the Vivo V17pro and I can't tell the difference in my daily use. Only issue would be the funtouch OS which I replaced with Nova Launcher. Performance feel and overall quality is top notch!
Zau Dan Aung
Zau Dan Aung:
Can you test how good selfie camera direct sunlight and sunset
Nitesh Tiwari
Nitesh Tiwari:
So finally I bought it,...
Mher Cruz
Mher Cruz:
Date release in ksa.?
Is having no expanding memory card slot...is big drawback
Isaac 1990
Isaac 1990:
Does it have microSD card slot expansion?
carelodyyy seashells
carelodyyy seashells:
Vivo v17 pro or Huawei nova 5t?
Wayne Teo
Wayne Teo:
Does this phone display support HDR when watching youtube video?
There is not Dolby atomos music sound....It should be there
i am just confused about his processor because in this pricing other company will gave snapdragon 855 processor and in this vivo v17pro only snapdragon 675
so why am i buying this because of this camera?
please gave a relevant solution
Niranjan Singh
Niranjan Singh:
Nice bideo sir
Muhammad Izzat Iskandar
Muhammad Izzat Iskandar:
Screen on time?
MD Sagor
MD Sagor:
Really a good one, I have
Faris Hifzhan
Faris Hifzhan:
Should get mi9t pro or v17 pro
Shihab Uddin
Shihab Uddin:
Any problem for it's processor ???
Raymond Alcazar
Raymond Alcazar:
Watching on my Vivo V17 Pro
Saint Peterson
Saint Peterson:
I want a phone that is water-proof which I can swim with it and take selfie down under the beach.
Sachin Khurana
Sachin Khurana:
I have this phone..vivo v17pro
does it have AR Camera?
Amirul Ariff
Amirul Ariff:
is it good for gaming?
Deadly Sumit
Deadly Sumit:
This phone is awesome good camera
Haven't really seen the x series
Shuvojeet Ray
Shuvojeet Ray:
Display look great🥰
Ravi gami
Ravi gami:
Ken my gift pliz sar
👎👎👎👎29.999 👎👎👎👎
Moulasab Moula
Moulasab Moula:
I have this phone camera clarity is not good worst clarity I am not happy sir plz don't buy this mobile