INSIDE the NEW MINI Cooper S 2018 Interior Exterior DETAILS w/ REVS

With excitement I would like to bring you the first even MINI on the channel! Let's kick off with the Mini Cooper S 2018 facelift model!
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Big thumbs for the REAR LED designer.
I drove one, first impression was the heavy steering wheel. Very nice car actually
Chiara Schoefer
Chiara Schoefer:
Very good video. I was looking for something like this 👍🏼 Thanks :)
Jagadeesh babu k
Jagadeesh babu k:
Beautiful car.very smart review.nice video bro.
Flow Crow
Flow Crow:
It is the first high-quality soundcheck of a manual Mini cooper S on YouTube. Congrats!!!
Sailing Invictus
Sailing Invictus:
I love your video great job! I might be purchasing a new 2018 Cooper S 4 Doors with a FULL JWS kit install. Can you up the horse power with a chip install?
Andrew Novacosta
Andrew Novacosta:
Not even an automatic transmission and panoramic roof which would round it off to 50k. Wow. I think it is the prices in the Netherlands that are the scary bit in this video. In Bulgaria this car with this spec costs 36-7k euro (34k after discount which they always offer) . I would go buy it in Sofia, then make a nice Central Europe tour on the way back and still have cash to spare.

Edit: discount
This is not a JCW Leather Steering Wheel. It‘s a Mini Yours“ leather wheel. Also the seats are the Mini Yours Lounge Seats. 😉
Mr. Dee
Mr. Dee:
I would save to buy my wife this as a surprise gift on our wedding day .. It's like buying her another gown. She's left confused
Tim Harris
Tim Harris:
I’m very happy with my Mini Cooper s mine is all black I bought my 2 weeks ago I don’t have a touch screen but that’s ok I enjoy mine very much even has the panoramic roof on mine
Nelson Naive
Nelson Naive:
Finally, I can see a car what I affordable !
Awesome review
Ibrahim Khalaf
Ibrahim Khalaf:
More smooth by no edges like leather line at top or button at door handle or writing on wheels or label at the lady top of right wheel ... make it more symatry. 👍
Sailing Invictus
Sailing Invictus:
Do all 2018 come with the HUDS up display?
Will Countryman get this facelift design too? When? Don’t like the 2D Logo, wish they keep the 3D retro logo, they said they just use the new logo on their website back then, but now they use it on the car too, should I get the Countryman s now or wait?
J Falcon
J Falcon:
Can’t believe they were using that head up display in a 2018 new remodeled mini copper, bmw owns this brand and they share some components and even the infotainment is based in idrive system that is awesome by the way, they can do better than this stupid rising piece of plastic, I hope they change it in the future
Brett Nightingale
Brett Nightingale:
Is the font actually that small on the HUD?
You are doing awesome
E92 Fly
E92 Fly:
Daily drive car but what is the real consumption? Like in the city ?
Azizjan Ayupov
Azizjan Ayupov:
Why didn't you give it a test drive ?
Daniel Gillrup
Daniel Gillrup:
Still going with the chrome belt line trim...i wish they'd learn!
Gazi Kibria
Gazi Kibria:
I like mini very much.
47000€?! Nope not for a mini hatch, bye.
courtney Vegan
courtney Vegan:
I am waiting for the ev version.
please do review on mini Goodwood edition
Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar:
Do a video on mini cooper countryman
Plz make a video on VOLVO S90
Gurmukh singh Khehra
Gurmukh singh Khehra:
Nice. Mini
Yeyint Okkar
Yeyint Okkar:
Mr bean would be like 👌🏻🤩👌🏻
lol as soon as you get inside the car you disappeared and blend with the interior LOL
50 grand for a 190bhp hatch LOL
Xiaomei Wang
Xiaomei Wang:
which color for this car
Ekim Andersom
Ekim Andersom:
Are you sure it is orange?
Stauros Rombos
Stauros Rombos:
50000 euros for mini?how serious is that?
FlowOver Fx
FlowOver Fx:
nah its just red
...and then I didn't drive it.
Fa Sa
Fa Sa:
Man your review is soooo SLOW.. you made me feel nervous how slow you are :/ ..on the other side quality of video is perfect and all.. but just make things fo more fluent please
Ibrahim Khalaf
Ibrahim Khalaf:
No label, but name as or number as writing on smoothing body. No two holes appears
Urban Turban
Urban Turban:
that's far too overpriced. whoever pays that for a mini is delusional.
David Fensore
David Fensore:
Very expensive ! 👎
Autos Sommelier
Autos Sommelier:
Si alguien lo busca en español, lo tenemos en nuestro canal.
Chetan Bakshi
Chetan Bakshi:
Sorry. But can I ask what is the name of the country
the whole Mini Cosole it was always so ugly, I never loved! Too cluttered…I never got people why loved that Micky Mouse console
Wissal Wissal
Wissal Wissal:
Nchlh nchri kima hya
yousif al Iraqi
yousif al Iraqi:
David Ellis
David Ellis:
Poor build quality from BMW! 50.000 euro they are insane! Do not buy this piece of crap!