BTS (LIVE) Melon Music Awards 2018 | WHO ARE YOU (멜론뮤직어워드) - REACTION

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►Here is my reaction to Melon Music Awards 2018 | WHO ARE YOU(멜론뮤직어워드)


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The instrumental was changed to match the instrumental they had in the IDOL teaser, which was even more inspired by traditional Korean music. I would say that this is definitely BTS’s best performance and I’d go even as far to say it could be one of the best musical performances out there in general, not just with BTS. Apparently they spent about $270K USD on this performance from the props, stage setup to hiring traditional Korean backup dancers.

The amount of effort put into it was insane and the fact that there is another huge award show (MAMA) coming up soon...who knows what they’ll come out with next.
This has to be their most epic performance. I know there are theories floating around about the MAMA performance, but I don't know how they can top this. The translators on my tl were emotional about all the traditional Korean cultural elements in the performance, that they were able to share their culture with so many ppl. I was watching the live stream, and when BTS performed, half a million ppl were watching, not to mention all the ARMYs who watched the performance later. That's one of the things I love about stanning BTS, learning about a culture and language different from my own. Maybe dkdktv will do an explained on the cultural elements in this performance. Tho, they did explain a bit in the Idol explained video. If they hadn't already received the Korean cultural merit award, that performance should have earned one. I can't wait for episode behind on bangtantv. I hope they show all the rehearsals with the traditional dancers too.

Also, can we talk about the modern take on hanbok. I know they've dressed this way a few times now, in the MV and the Ddaeng performance, but I still love it. The hanbok street wear styling was so great. I love how they layered modern pieces from Haider Ackerman and Dries Van Noten with custom traditional pieces.

Can you tell how hype this performance got me by my rambling? Anyway, thanks for this reaction Anthony. See you in the next one
The mirror says "I show not only your true self,but also your fake self"
Tarere Tukaki
Tarere Tukaki:
삼고무 : Samgomu
three drum dance
부채춤 : Buchechum
Fan dance
탈춤 : Talchum
Mask Dance
북청 사자놀음 : Bukcheong Sajanoreum.
Lion Play
사물놀이 : Salmunori
Four Object Play
These are the traditional dances that were used on stage. And the used the Teaser version instrumentals throughout the whole song.
Tamara Doan
Tamara Doan:
bts had the longest performance which was supposed to be 18 minutes long. and it decreased from there with the average performance being 4 minutes long. so yeah, it was a bts concert. :')
Sage T
Sage T:
I’m my opinion this is like one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. It’s so lit! I would have killed to see this live... :’)
angel n.
angel n.:
they wore hanboks & performed the traditional version of IDOL to flex on everyone that said they were becoming too westernized lmaooo
my friend told me those lil animal things were traditional korean lions. like how their ancestors envisioned lions🤧
ZG Starks
ZG Starks:
they actually killed this stage...definitely my fave performance
ingrid Bautista
ingrid Bautista:
this performance was everything.... and the thing is... they do something big for the MMA's but leave the absolute best for MAMA and I don't know how they could top this one!
this performance was one of their best in my opinion. It really shows what big artists they are now and how talented they are...💜🔥
Shannon R-me
Shannon R-me:
THey are the only one who got around 20 minutes to perform . the other artirst performance is around 5 minutes and as you can see 80% of the audience is army ..Look at those army bombs
Shayla Le
Shayla Le:
Idk if someone already commented this but usually when they perform at an awards show they always add an intro so it’s always a surprise what they’re gonna be doing and then they perform their song.
So when you said “what what I’ve never seen this before what is this” it’s cause you haven’t we haven’t either
Scarlett Leigh
Scarlett Leigh:
Actually, the rapping part that Jhope does in Airplane part 2 is the same as a section in Airplane part 1. (I found this out only recently myself xD)
already watched this and it was such a nice reaction

Lmaooo ur shock when jimin started dancing for the fake love intro + also the reason the idol ver they performed sounded diff for you is because they used the live instruments during the performance so it was more prominent in the mix
Hana Bibi
Hana Bibi:
"i am red with love" that's what on joon's chest
Ronald Lim
Ronald Lim:
There were a lot of other performances as well but BTS just basically overpowered all of them and made the awards show their own concert hahahaha
They're pulling magic tricks on us now
febby sapulete
febby sapulete:
Got to admit the stage sound was terrible. Their voice were on and off many times. Either way, they KILL it! Murder on stage!
imagine having to perform after seeing this
Before they go on stage live, all K-pop groups do practice runs of the entire concert to check music, camera placement and props. They do it multiple times to ensure the entire concert could run smoothly. Most groups also have 'Intros' when live, which is what BTS had in the beginning. It gives the audience some more entertainment. Sometimes at other award shows like MAMA, artists or groups do collaborations. Last year, Got7 did collaborate with Day6. Got7 also had a collaboration with BTS once.
Mariam Sefraoui
Mariam Sefraoui:
Loved your reaction! Yeah since bts got this big, they are always the last peformers with the longest time, it really felt like a bts concert, the venue was filled with army bombs😂
Their hair reflects each era, Taes hair in save me, Joons hair in HYYH era, Jimin silver for blood sweat tears etc they also incorporated old choreo from each era into the new era, Jimin does part of his DNA choreo in his solo dance in idol
I'm glad there wasn't any technical difficulties this time
this was legendary performance. I mean their schedule is busy af and still they found some time to rehearsal and do their best for army( the first word they say receiving any award is "armyyyyy"). I love them so much. Thank you for reaction
Crystal Snow
Crystal Snow:
the mics were struggling tbh and yeah you can hear the breathing and their movements through the mics but it just proves they don't lip sync lol also the fanchants we're at the correct times
You're hearing their heavy breathing lol not clothes whipping
As always a great reaction! I’m happy you enjoyed the performance, they obviously put a lot of effort into it and it truly shows. Have you reacted to they’re 2016 MAMAs stage yet? If you haven’t I really recommend it, it was iconic and they put on a hell of a show. Anyway, thank you as always for your reactions, they never fail to make one’s day!
sapphrodite !
sapphrodite !:
they killed this performance, i'm so proud of them!!
Eunha Krost
Eunha Krost:
This stage is so big their steps are huge. Literally, running around and singing. I am out of breath just watching.
y’all i know the fan chant goes after bts sings fake love.... i’m saying even then it seemed slightly delayed which could be from the size of wherever this was performed.

uncut reaction:
i didn't come back to the backwards text on the mirror, went on twitter after this video and saw that it was related to harry potter?!!?! these guys are insane. and i know rm didn't get a tattoo, i realized it was his shirt lol.
Ola Oyesanya
Ola Oyesanya:
This was AWESOME! I had a stupid grin on my face the entire time! Love them!!!💜💜💜
I love that they preformed idol with traditional music what a great amazing way to show their culture
Angel 68
Angel 68:
i was watching other idols reactions to this performance and it was really interesting to see what they thought of it
Bey Castillo
Bey Castillo:
Hi Anthony!!! Congrats on 50k subscribers!
I’m glad you’ve made a reaction to this live performance.

My fave part is the outro part, the boys highlighted not just their talent but also showed their pride for Korean Culture 💜💜💜 What’s your fave part Anthony? 😃
thinking about jin chen
thinking about jin chen:
really loved your reaction to this <3
Suki Kirai
Suki Kirai:
Love the reaction!! The award ceremonies always is when groups have grand performances and can really showcase their songs and live stages to whole new level!! You'll often find them doing special dance breaks, intros, and remixes that bring their concepts to life and are new/created just for these award ceremonies since. So all these clips, intros, dance breaks etc you won't see anywhere else beside at the award ceremonies. Collabs between artists often occur too, such as Day6 collabing with Got7 with a remix of Hard Carry becoming a rock song, or Taemin & Sunmi having a dance/concept duet collab.

Basically at award ceremonies, performances are often one of the most theatrical and one of the best performances of a group you'll see so be on the look out for the big award ceremonies when they happen. The award season is quite long from Dec to almost February since there are several. Other groups have performed at the MMAs of course as well, iKON Gidle's and Wanna One's performance also was pretty nice. iKON especially remixed all the songs they perofrmed to be an orchestral performance where they have live orchestral instruments playing the intstrumentals of their performance. Also BTS's performance in 2016 at another award ceremony MAMAs 2016 with Blood Sweat Tears etc also was such a great performance!! So for this year's I'm expecting the MAMAs to have great stages as well.

And yeah the music equipment at award ceremonies also aren't always the best. It's quite hectic since a lot of group may perform with long stages and sometimes devices don't function correctly. You're also hearing their heavy breathing through the sounds of their mics
Arohi Anni
Arohi Anni:
One of the best performances so far 👏👏👏
Princess Koriand’r
Princess Koriand’r:
RM's shirt says "I am Red with Love" and the Mirror says "I show not your face but your heart’s desire” backwards. Apparently its from Harry Potter, the last one that is
Sage T
Sage T:
I kinda like this version of Idol in MMA better than the original. I think the traditional instruments make the song sound very nice!
They just came there and made it their concert, honestly. I was sitting with goosebumps and my jaw dropped the whole performance
Vivien S
Vivien S:
that was STAGE OF THE YEAR, enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulation Bangtan for MMA awards..........
Anum Malik
Anum Malik:
You really come thru for EVERYTHING and I just gotta say thank you for the great content~
Kat Shik
Kat Shik:
It was actually streamed on YouTube. Most end of year korean award shows stream on YT. I'm just scared for next week Monday cause BTS usually save their biggest performances for MAMA. Also we might find out if Jimin's "nevermind" tattoo is real...
Their performance in Fake Love literally made me drop my drink I was SHOOKED I am still SHOOKED
I’m happy I could finally watch your reaction, I was expecting it since you said you were gonna upload it, but I was really busy today.

I wanna say Idol might be my favorite part... but the intro for fake love was awesome, it gave me goosebumps.
Namjoon didn't have a fake tatoo on.It was just the shirt he was wearing and it says "I am red with love"
The member in the very beginning of the intro with the mask was Jungkook👌
I just love seeing you so much omg I’m so happy every time it feels like I’m hanging out with an old friend 🖤
This idol was from the teaser version I love that we can hear the korean instruments and beats
Melinda Linda
Melinda Linda:
the best performance 💜
This performance actually had me deceased. Currently writing this comment from my grave. ❤💀
Ana T.
Ana T.:
i think they made the idol instrumental sound more traditional, like the dance before they started singing, yeah
this performance is up there with the mic drop remix performance in mama 2017 im excited for mamas this year
Those animal things are lions that are used to ward off evil. I think they're originally Chinese but were adopted by other Asian cultures.
Faith_in_kpop _
Faith_in_kpop _:
Anthony:*laughs at jungkook showing abs* he did it earlier but this was more slick.

Me: HAHAHAHAHA! *dies*
hera kles
hera kles:
Thank you for this reaction. 👌
Limpy Noodle
Limpy Noodle:
You were right about the tweaking of the instrumentals, they made it sound more traditional. And you were really close with that message on the mirror!
i honestly think this was their best performance so far oof idk how they're gonna one up this for MAMA
ive been hoping for this video all day not gonna lie lol im gonna watch this and hop on over to patreon lol Thank you for another reaction! i am in love with this performance lol they keep surprising me more and more and its been 5 years 😂😂😂😂
Krysten Tipolt
Krysten Tipolt:
i LOVE seeing a male be so supportive of BTS and KPop. I've gotten my husband to appreciate it as well. at first he was kind of like wtf are you listening to but now that he has learned more about BTS he is totally supportive and thinks BTS is dope. :) Love your videos!!
Patricia whelan
Patricia whelan:
Live your reactions.. You should check out their dance practices..
BTS Born Army
BTS Born Army:
AND THAT IS KPOP AWARDS SHOW. ITS EPIC ! IT LITTT BRUH 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Add on their stage and the remix of their song. Gosh, who would love someone who dedicated themself to that extends. K artist are crazy creative dude
efy lois
efy lois:
U know when anthony lit the lighter, it means a lit performance
yoongi-INFIRED soLOVEyourself
yoongi-INFIRED soLOVEyourself:
We learning korean tradition on this one international armys
They really are koreas best export.. wowww
Karri Allie
Karri Allie:
ive been waiting for someone else to pick up on the instrumentals!! it sounds like to me that they rerecorded with traditional korean instruments. even the bass sounds like its being played on some kind of woodwind instrument.
Anum Malik
Anum Malik:
I didn't even notice that the mirror said something :O My dumbass thought it was latin T^T
the outro of fake love was actually pre recorded including airplane pt.2 so thats why they got to change outfits so fast
Deena Miller
Deena Miller:
I have seen the video multiple times but only when you commented that the writing appeared to be backwards did it make sense. Then I remembered the quote about the true side and dark side. Thank you, for that observation. And yes, the production was absolutely amazing. From the Intro to Idol, with all the traditional Korean dancing, it keeps you mesmerized. Thanks for the reaction.
Cherry V and grapemon are back👌
Crist C
Crist C:
Their awards are always live.
Vatti: need to see them receiving the awards...and the red carpet!!! Please.....or you can just see it offline...just check it out.
keep it up the good work.
I'm Just Here
I'm Just Here:
They are unparalleled.
Idk why probably because I started watching you very early on but I feel so happy every time you call yourself an Army lmao
Lorraine Sy
Lorraine Sy:
Can you do theories reaction about their performance in mma. 😊
Our mans is watching the boy's live performance. 😔👊🏻💞thank you hunny. We love you! My favorite YouTuber.

I'm weird. I watch videos on my PC, get notifs on my phone, choke a bit, go to your channel right away and comment on my phone. I multitask currently at 4:10 030
Faye Thayer
Faye Thayer:
“They’re reminding me of Appa from Avatar” THANK YOU. IM NOT THE ONLY ONE 😂💜
Naps Gold
Naps Gold:
okay so something to note BTS ALWAYS go all out on award shows, specifically MMA and MAMA. They like to one up every performance and they truly do every year. These award shows usually happen when BTS are on tour and haven't performed in SKorea for a long time so they like to comeback with a bang.
Mochi PJAMas
Mochi PJAMas:
The delay in the fanchants is partly because they're in Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul -- that place is FREAKING HUGE!

Yo, V's Airplane Pt. 2 fits SEND ME! The hair, the glasses, the RUFFLES! I stan.

THAT WAS HELLA LIT! By far my favorite live performance!
Mal Mal
Mal Mal:
I was waiting for your reaction and am not disappointed
Jin's Window ass wiping dad jokes
Jin's Window ass wiping dad jokes:
Damn, how are they gonna top that performance for MAMA? Oh, uh, I don't know, maybe PERFORM DDAENG CAUSE THAT SHIT IS A BANGER.
thats the interesting part in korean award show performance. every artist can actually have their vcr if they have the need to change their outfits for the next song.
You know what Anthony??? When i was taking a little break from tabulating my questionnaires for my research paper i got your notif and said OHH GOSHH WAS WHY DID HE UPLOADED TODAY?! *I NEED TO SAVE IT FOR LATER* my mind said BUT HELL NOO GONNA WATCH WHAT ANTHONY HAS TO SAY 😭🤣💜
If you ever want to rewatch this performance and take it in in HQ, here's the official upload. I watched it live but it doesn't compare to this rewatch. Completely another level.
Kathy Tan
Kathy Tan:
There is no one else like BTS. They are truly a phenomenon, once in a lifetime group. I say this after every award show they performed. I know there will be no other group like BTS for me.
Sage T
Sage T:
The mirror from the Fake Love VCR, said “I show not only your true side but also your fake side.” “I show not your face but your hearts fake desire” (backwards) is from another mirror from Harry Potter and the mirror is called the Mirror of Erised (desire backwards). People became more deluded the more they looked at it & were unwilling to admit that what they saw was just a fantasy. The mirror shows the “deepest, most desperate desire in our hearts. The happiest person in the world would look in the mirror and see a reflection of them, exactly as they were.” And then we see the smeraldo flower dissapear from the container it was in during Fake Love. Almost like we’re learning the truth that the smeraldo flower was just an illusion. In both cases the mirrors aren’t showing you your reflection, but instead Who you are. When Jungkook looks into the mirror he sees the image of all 7 masked members flash by. The concept of this intro is WHO ARE YOU? for Jungkook he himself in real life met his haunts when he was young and like we always say we can see parts of his hyungs personalities within him. Also, the distorted voices you hear during this scene are words from the boys. Particularly from BTS’ Festa Dinner Party in 2018. This is what it says, “Because we are celebrities and we live on the camera, people might think we hide stuff and pretend to be a certain way. But I don’t know, I’m unable to be like that - wrapping myself into something I’m not.” This was said from Yoongi. The mask that they used during Idol performance is the mask that’s used in Bongsantalchoom. Bong san tal choom is a talchoom (dancing with masks on) that was created and passed on in Bongsan (name of a place in Korea) BTSC has a story that mocks and makes fun of typical yangban’s (nobleman) behavior. It’s one of the Korean literatures and intangible cultural assets. The masks that was used is caked Cheebalee. Some Army say that during the intro performance to Idol, Hoseok, Jimin, and Jungkook represented 3 elements of life. Hoseok: Fire, Jimin: Water, Jungkook: Air. So what I’ve got out of all this information is that there next concept will be about finding happiness, or in other words finding your true self. Love yourself > how to love myself? > to know yourself > how to know myself? > accept yourself > how to accept myself? > change your mindset > like what? > knowing what within you > what happens then? > SPEAK YOURSELF. I do not take credit for ANY of these theories, these theories are from many very smart army. I hope this helped clear up some things though! (This took a long time to write so I really hope you see this)
Venus A
Venus A:
bts had the most time for performances and everything. there also was WannaOne with 15 mins but other artists had bellow 10 mins
MIN SUGA cheonjae Jjang Jjang man boong boong
MIN SUGA cheonjae Jjang Jjang man boong boong:
I think they used the trailer version of idol which is more traditional, that's why it's a bit different. They usually use different versions on their trailer. Im still waiting for them to release blood sweat and tears trailer version, and wings tour trailer version of outro: wings. I also really liked i need u slow jam version from the trailer which they released a full version of.
Joanie WWH
Joanie WWH:
Idol is originally a fusion of korean and south african sounds. In this one, they stick to korean sounds. You ain't tripping - it's different. ;) nice reaction!
Along with Taehhyung’s hair being red,,, Namjoon’s hair is now purple :D everyone was going crazy for both hair colors
I knew you were gonna forget going back to 56 secs but it says " I show not only your true side but also your fake side"
Btw congrats on 50K you deserve it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Preyanka Biswas
Preyanka Biswas:
nope only bts got this screentime to do this whole legendary concepts .other groups did well with their individual performances but bts performance nd concept was something else nd on another level
Yea they pretty much made it their concert
xiao xiao
xiao xiao:
please also watch (g)i-dle's an mamamoo's live stage in mma 2018 ♡♡
Im waiting for the theories from this performance😂
Khin PT
Khin PT:
you realize things so early its crazy. love your reactions and your comments
a disaster
a disaster:
this was an entire bts concert lmao! also the fanchants actually were on the correct times but since the venue is so big, the fans all the way in the back do the fanchants and by the time the sound gets to the mics its off timing
Steviani Lellyana
Steviani Lellyana:
YASSSSS Finally!!!! 💜