Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

Captured entirely from in-game footage, watch this introduction to Red Dead Redemption 2's gameplay in 4K. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming October 26, 2018 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. Pre-order now at

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Max Millions
Max Millions:
I cant wait to upgrade my horse at los santos customs.
Ainsley Harriot
Ainsley Harriot:
well this game is more detailed than my life
Chellani Gaming
Chellani Gaming:
Who's come here after finishing the game
MasterGaming Nic
MasterGaming Nic:
Marketing Team: 8/10
Developing Team: 100/10
Jacob De Santiago
Jacob De Santiago:
2:11 That music starts and I’m looking for Lenny
The Dislikes are people that like playing Fortnite on mobile.
Liberty or Death
Liberty or Death:
Am I the only one that still watches rdr2 stuff even tho I’ve long beat the game
Anyone else miss Arthur?
The Heumperor
The Heumperor:
Probably the only gameplay trailer that looks like the exact released product. They didn’t embellish or anything. This game is beautiful.
The Guy
The Guy:
When a developer delivers 200% of what was promised. Good.
It deserved game of the year. Best game ever!
This game kills every other game out there. Masterpiece.
Jack Collins
Jack Collins:
Anyone else still playing the single player?
I game
I game:
I felt like I was playing a Tarantino movie. Thank you Rockstar games. I'll never forget this one
RIP work, responsibility and hygiene when this comes out.
Wonder Lamb
Wonder Lamb:
Online - Trash
Story - Amazing
Sadie Adler
Sadie Adler:
this is the best game I've ever played
M N:
Congratulations Rockstar 👏🏻
You guys are Da Vinci’s of our time!

Damn i cannot stop of playing this game.

Leo Enduro
Leo Enduro:
Who else woke up super early to watch this trailer live when it came out. Man the memories when we were on the journey to launch
Haytham Kenway
Haytham Kenway:
2:55 me in august: oh seems like a nice character.
October: i hate him
At 0:25 you can see the german family that rescues Arthur in chapter 6
Lunatic Llama
Lunatic Llama:

At 3:34, how did Arthur get into New Austin?
Subcribe To Carson call me
Subcribe To Carson call me:
I just want to experience this hype again, before I knew Arthur’s fate😖
Rodrigo Sousa
Rodrigo Sousa:
This was one of the best games Rockstar Games has ever created in my opinion
lil cheese
lil cheese:
I miss Arthur
Shanchal Ledward
Shanchal Ledward:
5:29 wonder what happened in this mission sad they cut it
Christian Ford
Christian Ford:
Honestly not gonna lie this is the best game I’ve ever played and I’m not even finished with it
Kalil Benaoun
Kalil Benaoun:
Best game ever, simply its a masterpiece
I need clorox Bleach
I need clorox Bleach:
Cat Noir
Cat Noir:
finished the game now.... and... it feel like ive been there.
thanks R* for one of most epic games i have had ever played or been created till now.
dont want to describe all tiny perfect details, beath taking graphics, magnificient story.. the npc and animals behaviour. its all been like real world. and sometimes i just stare on the top of mountain at it all. Had tears in my eyes many times, and when i heard Duchs says - i have a plan, my stomach shrunk...
Just thanks, thanks for this masterpiece.
Swedish Dissident
Swedish Dissident:
The perfect game for the unemployed.
How come i have the game and completed it but I’m back here watching this 🙄
I remember last year I was all over this game I was saving up everything for this game
Introspective Thought Process
Introspective Thought Process:
3:32 So, watching this back I just realized, isn't this area in West Elizabeth or have I gone crazy?
shrek dank
shrek dank:
Thank you for creating this game rockstar.
These trailers prob take more time, money and effort to make than a new Call of Duty.
Arbaaz Memon
Arbaaz Memon:
This is great example on how to advertise a game not a single scenes is misleading
I finally met the voice actors of Arthur Morgan and Dutch Van Der Linde. (My profile picture)
Michael Washington
Michael Washington:
am I the only one who misses this gameplay trailer oh the hype everything so beautiful the voice the gameplay the music and the details oh the hype I miss those times :(
Rimel Calicdan
Rimel Calicdan:
Who else come here to be hyped again after beating the game?
Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger:
Okay Fine, I'll buy it...
TnZ ShuZZ:
Going back and watching the trailer is so bizarre after completing the game
I literally played 3 days straight. The story is sooooo good. Plus there is a ton of stuff to do after you complete the main story.
Jose Urbano
Jose Urbano:
You guys forgot to include the feature of running into rocks with your horse.
Goodbye to my social life i guess... Just kidding i have never had one
Astolfo Senpai
Astolfo Senpai:
Even five years from know until i can afford PS4 and this game i don't care this is a masterpiece 😁
I Came from the future to say that this game is a masterpiece!!
iX Relaxx
iX Relaxx:
Man...I wish I could just forget everything about this game and experience the amazement again when I first started playing it...
I'm so obsessed with this game. Playing it for the second time. Amazing.
My horse better have radio stations
Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl
Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl:
thank you rockstar games
Paul Ewing
Paul Ewing:
Only game I’ve ever played that I am ready to start 90% and long done with story mode. So much I missed and so much to do. I may be nicer this go ‘round. No promises. Best game in the history of video games.

Thought of quitting my job to play.....but that’s probably not a good plan. 😌
M3 P3L1
M3 P3L1:
Remember watching all of them and waiting for the game. I remember 26th October waiting all day to go to the shop and buy it 😍 Couldn't stop playing it. Oh gosh, that game is masterpiece.
Manuel Mair
Manuel Mair:
"When the time comes you gotta run and don't look back. This is over"
You got some more gameplay for me boi ?
LogicMan 143
LogicMan 143:
Rockstar always kept their promises to the community.
Logan Idk
Logan Idk:
I had full honor with John and aurthor all the way thru
Gosh I wish I can wait for this game again
I remember watching this for months till October. Damn the hype was so good and worth it.
Flashback gang where you at?
What I would give to go back in time and relive the hype this trailer gave me
Seems they took out Arthur’s sick face in cutscenes post diagnosis
Antonio Ramirez
Antonio Ramirez:
Man!!! Rockstar is like that one uncle that u might not see for a while but when u do he’s always the life of the party lol
Native Illyrian
Native Illyrian:
I remember how hyped I was for this game I still love this game but I just want to go back to level of hype

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year where has the time gone?
thibaut odeurs
thibaut odeurs:
This was before the downgrade 🙄
These trailers are so amazing even after completing the game
Xx GalacticFoxy xX
Xx GalacticFoxy xX:
My fav game now forget Fortnite
Natasha Skoglund
Natasha Skoglund:
Gonna buy this game as a gift for my boyfriend and I honestly think it’s going to replace me :’)
Just letting you know Rockstar, I named my Son Arthur - Morgan then my obviously my surname. I love Arthur, and I will forever. Thank you Rockstar.
Other games downgrade graphics. Rockstar simply keeps the same graphics and doesn’t lie
Ebrahim Michael
Ebrahim Michael:
the best game ever
so lucky to have finished this an hour ago after 4 months of gameplay since Mars
Iker Gorostidi Baptista
Iker Gorostidi Baptista:
One year since this trailer came out. Time flies boah
dulez ninjaman
dulez ninjaman:
Critics: god of war is the best game of the year

Arthur Morgan: hold my revolver
E Productions
E Productions:
Rockstar Please stand up for YouTubers who are being banned for showing content in your video games!
Jdbeast 205
Jdbeast 205:
Best story for rockstar ever spoil

Except killing the main characters
*And this is why I lost my social life*
The fact that GAME OF TRASH won... it felt like Micah betrayed me.😪
Meh. I guess I'll play it for around half a decade or so.
Mason Witte sylvanic cooperation
Mason Witte sylvanic cooperation:
Does anyone else notice arthur is in big plains at 3:27 I thought that is basically untouchable until john and epilouge
Coleton Stephenson
Coleton Stephenson:
anyone who finished the game notice 4:23 isn't the horse hosea gives you
Mark Legit
Mark Legit:
After beating the game and watching this I’m about to start over 😩 Long Live Arthur Morgan
I've been Playing RDR2 so much that when I'm driving in Real life and see smoke above the tree line. Just think to myself "Dam, about to rob this MF" 🤔🤔
4R5T •
4R5T •:
I love how rockstar pay so much attention to details in their games
hhhgg 66
hhhgg 66:
Thx rockstar 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘💕🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲You're the best
Milán Varju
Milán Varju:
2:51 fun things to do. 😀
Eggs Benedict Cucumber Batch
Eggs Benedict Cucumber Batch:
After completing game, they definetly delivered.
gaming toast
gaming toast:
Love this game honestly I would pick this for the game of they year over any other game the wait was totally worth it I remember riding all over new Austin with jhon marston now I can do it with better detail and better graphics
Hec-x Echevarria
Hec-x Echevarria:
Finally a game is long story and other things to do.
This is by far the best game i have ever played.
Marc MaRc
Marc MaRc:
1 year ago....time flies by so fast..
That moment when the dark music starts playing after walking into Van Horn with the double-barrel.
I remember getting so excited for this
Best part of all this, it was all true, and still was better then I thought it would be❤️😄
Rimel Calicdan
Rimel Calicdan:
Single player is better than online like if u agree
Dave White
Dave White:
I've played through it twice and now that the online is out of Beta it's getting better all the time.
Tyler Roberts
Tyler Roberts:
Thank you for adding horse balls it really adds to my immersion
Cosmic Space Bub
Cosmic Space Bub:
Shahkarif100 Gaming
Shahkarif100 Gaming:
11 months already? Is time moving faster than sanic?
federito fermano
federito fermano:
This gave me goosebumps...