Red Dead Redemption 2 - Free Roam Gameplay LIVE! RDR 2 PS4 Pro Gameplay! (No Spoilers)

Red Dead Redemption 2 free roam gameplay no spoilers! RDR 2 PS4 Pro gameplay hunting, exploring and more!

RDR 2 Walkthrough, part 1:

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From the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America at the dawn of the modern age.


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Tasty Gem
Tasty Gem:
Did you know there is video in your ads?
Pro tip: skip to the end of the video and then press replay to skip all the ads
Mr big P3n1s lol i said p3n1s
Mr big P3n1s lol i said p3n1s:
Got enough ads there chief?
You have to go back to the bridge to search for the corpses of corpses and you will find part of a map in the middle of a man's mouth. I do not want your news to be found.👌
Memetic Heretic
Memetic Heretic:
1899: I just buried my wife and child who died from the pox

2018: I just watched a stranger play a video game for 3 hours, mostly while on the toilet.
Vinuthan J
Vinuthan J:
Dude kills one person. Says " didn't mean to do that"
Then kills an other.
Andre: *Goes on 5 star rampage in GTA 5. Also has the entire army on him yet still stays as cool as a cucumber.*
Also Andre: *Robs a store, gets a few guys on him, and is extremely nervous.*
54:33 Guy steals train, bails train off an incline... trips and dies on a little hill lmfao
Rasmus Haulund
Rasmus Haulund:
''I want to play like a nice guy'' imidediately starts robbing and killing people, hahah
Abrie van Wyk
Abrie van Wyk:
You get the brush in a mission with hosea when you go hunting with him
Typical Gamer: Shoots him three times
Police: Why
Typical Gamer: I meant to talk to him
Billy van rensburg
Billy van rensburg:
about thirty min in the vid where u stab that dude that was savage 😂
Stiffy Sausage
Stiffy Sausage:
2:37:34 "-You good? :D
You ain't seen nothing right?! >:D


-Thats right what I thought xD"
Kaden Whiteaker
Kaden Whiteaker:
Arthur: sells cougar fang.

Also Arthur, folks l' enjoy eatin' that!
Brother Denis
Brother Denis:
One of the best gameplay videos I've seen in a long time. Well done my friend.
steve aston
steve aston:
It's alright, just ain't into having to be a member of MENSA to remember all the button combinations.
Manuel Campuzano
Manuel Campuzano:
. 2 nuclear explosion, 5 nuclear warheads, 16 misiles and 200 rockets of a RPG = Bunny paper cut
John Taylor
John Taylor:
This game is now my favorite game of all time and I don't even have it yet
"I didn't mean to do that" 😂😂
People complaining about the ads lol. never heard of adblock? :/
Hakeem Kazni
Hakeem Kazni:
I can't believe I sat and watched the entire game. Awesome man.
Unknown Anonymous
Unknown Anonymous:
"You guys are mean"... says the one kidnapping someone😂😂 6 years that I've watched you 👍
Jon Wilder
Jon Wilder:
Hilarious how every kill shot he fires seems to be involuntary 🤣
Eric Antone
Eric Antone:
They messed up by omitting character creation. I was so looking forward to playing as a Django type character.
Ian Anam
Ian Anam:
I love how Andre’s channel started from red dead redemption as well
Johnny Campini
Johnny Campini:
"hes just taking a little nap"
Kiah Lee
Kiah Lee:
After Watching the last 40 minutes of this stream it had me killing everyone, robbing everything and just causing chaos for like 2 hours straight 😂
"Is that a bird?"

*Proceeds to shoot at it*
AbdelRahman Hossam
AbdelRahman Hossam:
7:40 bless u
rifat rahaman
rifat rahaman:
RDR Inspired from android (six guns game) XD 🤣🤣🤣😂
Tobias SC
Tobias SC:
”Gonna play a good guy here”
Five minutes later after killing two people and a horse: ”I want to rob both a train and a store”. 😆
Kaleb Picciuto
Kaleb Picciuto:
Horse brush:
Complete Exit perused by a bruised ego . In Valentine, talk to Hosea😘
Pat Loco Vlogs
Pat Loco Vlogs:
at 12:20 I was laughing so hard I could barely breath LMAOOOOO he just shooting them and saying "oh Gosh I didn't try to do that" then he shoots someone else like 3 times and say it again. I never laughed so hard in my life
Kiara Maguire
Kiara Maguire:
I used to play the first one and I loved it my brother got the second one and said I should get it but my friend says it’s rubbish. Though the detail and story line is great so I think I should get it.
Savage Outlaw
Savage Outlaw:
When he did that first robbery that sheriff took like 7 bullets
Jim Nowak
Jim Nowak:
It was frustrating watching him look for a horse brush.
FYI... it's part of the story quests.
Dorcus Chege
Dorcus Chege:
Cool-ish haha just kidding I love red dead redemption
Savage Outlaw
Savage Outlaw:
You killed like 8 lawmen and were surprised when you had a high bounty
flowmusic inc
flowmusic inc:
Hi! Thank you for making this video, as I have been deciding between Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2 for a while now and I think I've chosen Red Dead Redemption!
This game remember me few years ago when i play GUN ( Activision ) . Great memories.
I'm addicted to this game and I ain't even played it yet!
Rattlyn Animations
Rattlyn Animations:
7:40 idk why i said bless you aloud...

Anyways bless you
that one guy994
that one guy994:
Is it just me or does the boat noise on the water sound really similar to the one in minecraft?
“Did the seagull say ‘help’?” (58:16) 🤣🤣🤣
Dylan Gosse
Dylan Gosse:
When you shot the dude when you did you did not Meagan I laughed so hard I pissed my pants
Lol Bro
Lol Bro:
*shoots some guy in the head*
“I didn’t mean to do that”
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez:
This game is really amazing and looks good,I can't believe you literally put about 3 hours into this video/stream spending your time on only a small portion of the game map,truly amazing,it looks like there is just so much to do and something to get distracted with.Great gameplay by the way!
Riley Price
Riley Price:
tg hasnt posted in THREE WHOLE DAYS! im begining to worry, plus i need more RDR content :(
Leogan mations
Leogan mations:
When your too Poor but remembered that you have a yet channel
Him:time to max out the ads!
Mich Moreland
Mich Moreland:
This is the 2nd year I’ve been watching tg
Metallica 4 Life
Metallica 4 Life:
This game is amazing!
OTH Muzik
OTH Muzik:
This game looks so refreshing.. 💧💎
Wolf Gaming 2
Wolf Gaming 2:
My bf got this yesterday and it’s amazing I played the last one and I loved it and this one is even better... I’m not telling u any spoilers other than we save the guy we played in the first one.
pissing myself laughing!!
Great content first video ive watched. Keep it up dude!!!
Holly Rosexx
Holly Rosexx:
Typical gamer still going strong as always much love bro keep up the good work from Liverpool England
Kilani Gunn
Kilani Gunn:
2:43 😂😂😂😂😂 talking about the horse brush cause dude said he could get him anything he needed
Elongated Mucus
Elongated Mucus:
I cant believe how in-depth and in love with detail this game is. It was an absolute joy to doze off for 2 hours while listening to your calming voice and the relaxing sounds of the game. I am very jealous of consoleros as I am a pc gamer and I just wish I could play this on pc.
Rocky The GSD
Rocky The GSD:
I'm getting the game today haha I'm excited
We left our hat that's DNA evidence in a hundred years lmao
trans_ boi
trans_ boi:
Im playing red dead redemption 2 at the moment
Absolute GamerT
Absolute GamerT:
Somebody plz help me, I've a ps4 pro and my textures look really bad compared to others, textures arent smooth and shadows aren't so good either, somebody plz give a solution.
Shepard Morein
Shepard Morein:
Eat shotgun! Oh oh it leaking 😂😂😂😂😂
Big Smoke
Big Smoke:
Exactly what I was looking for.
Remember when as a kid you played San Andreas and you’d purposefully get lost somewhere in rival gangs territories, just to see if you can shoot your way through all the cops back home?

Yea Imma relive that now with bounty hunters in the wild west
Saying "Dead" backwards sounds like the cowboy accent lel
Enjoyable gameplay!!! Love watching the free roam gameplay. I just got this one and i love it alot.... I played on free roam..One question... What is the trick to earn gold bars so i can use the bounty board? Thank you in advance.. 👩🏻💖👍
2:18:30 beautiful Horse right there my god!!
Awesome video TG!

Big love from aus.
Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins:
Great job man love the game play! Definitely going to get the game.
*breaking gaming news*
Red Dead Redeption 2 comes is out now!
ME: another dirty game from rock star :/ I'm pc gamer idgaf ://
When I saw this gameplay....
*time to sell kidney 0_o*
Molon Labe
Molon Labe:
1:04:37, "We got some Austin Powers vibes there", LMAO!!
9:30. Geoff from achievement hunter is in the game!
0:20 what did he say
joo bbro
joo bbro:
Watching this video was like yesterday 😍
Steve French
Steve French:
1:15:48 his reaction is priceless, Bro I didn't mean to do that LOL
David F. 3C-180
David F. 3C-180:
So TG because I watched part 1 of your game last night I went out and bought a ps4 for the first time and bought the best edition of red dead I could get! Because of you I got this game and I'm happy I made this expensive investment ❤
double-o G
double-o G:
I don't want to spoil too much before I play. From what I've seen so far, it's safe to say Rockstar set the bar very high for future open world games. Impressive work.
Nicholas Faipler
Nicholas Faipler:
Well this was before he was in Looney Tunes because the first ever like Bugs Bunny episode of Looney Tunes was a 1938
Rosie Gibb
Rosie Gibb:
All the while he was looking for a horse brush I was internally screaming “STABLES”
Looks a great game, hope we get it on PC soon. Anyway a VR version of this would be incredible!
belive it or not i still play Desperados : Wanted dead or alive! mission 19
Simon Genitsaris
Simon Genitsaris:
22:15 the horse literally just shat itself
Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson:
First minute i decided you were wasting my time when u tried to skid standing stationery.
1:01:45 The guy is obviously Jesus - invincible and can walk on water 😆
Awesome Kid Vlogs
Awesome Kid Vlogs:
At 19:38 it says" Hey Over Here". At the start of the game John Marsten says the exact same thing in the exact same voice.
Shepard Morein
Shepard Morein:
Eat shotgun! Oh oh it leaking 😂😂😂😂😂
Juana Nunez
Juana Nunez:
name the horse pancake cause you keep on crashing with him

EDIT: Holy crap thanks for the likes
Looks like im going into some amazing debt. As im having this!!!!!!!!
The game looks amazing.
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous:
The game looks sick pure quality
When Arthur didn’t have TB
Sean Karhan
Sean Karhan:
Why am I watching this when I can be playing it
5:23 the fighting is so realistic it's good. Getting this game
Youssef MOUFID
Youssef MOUFID:
that moment when you have PC and nvidia 210 gt (i'm not crying lol)
T Otaibi
T Otaibi:
I'm 13% the way through and all I can say is that this game is UNREAL IT'S GENUINELY INCREDIBLE
Alexander Neumann
Alexander Neumann:
Haven't seen a TG video in 5 years. Stumbled upon on you on random. Still rocking it.
Red dead is a good game I play this two now I finished the hole game and work on a farm just to let you know the ending is sad
At 45 minutes haha 🤣