iPhone XR not selling as well as we thought?

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Dr. Marvel
Dr. Marvel:
90% comments in here

thAT sHirT thO
Irfaan Faki
Irfaan Faki:
Unboxtherapy uploading

Anthony Morales
Anthony Morales:
The iPhone XR are more for people who upgrade when their contracts allow for updates. It isn’t for people who buy phones on launch day.
Oh wow Drew dresses up better than usual today 😧
Movie Man
Movie Man:
Going on a date, drew?
This Comment section:
90% about his shirt.
10% about the video.
Jamison Reid
Jamison Reid:
I cant quite find why this channel entertains me.
I use an s9+ and prefer android.
I prefer Macs to PCs and he never really talks about computers.
Why do I like these iPhone videos so much😂
Mr money
Mr money:
2:16 looks like crayola made it 😂 probably the best IPhone XR roast I’ve heard in a while
Gaurav Bhandari
Gaurav Bhandari:
I am literally waiting for Xr’s screen reviews. Thats why not pre-ordered. I am loving everything else.
People are probably waiting for reviews/seeing one in a store first before buying. Don't understand pre ordering something when you haven't even seen it in person/reviews of it, especially when it's 880€.
Remember when they said last years iPhone X wasn't selling well, only to be proven wrong! 🤣🤦‍♂️💯
Woochan Nou
Woochan Nou:
I think it will start selling out more once it is in stores and people see it and know about it.
Michael Cammarata
Michael Cammarata:
since when is not selling out a bad thing? Companies lose much more money off lost sales than they lose off excess inventory. perfect equilibrium is when supply meets demand, no excess and no stock outs, this is Economics 101 stuff. All this tells you is that Apple is probably doing a great job forecasting demand and manufacturing enough phones to meet demand
Richard Burrell
Richard Burrell:
Sounds like alot of excuses why people arent buying newer iPhones.
Tari Harden
Tari Harden:
I think it won't sell as well as the others because it's considered "the cheap" iPhone
I think Apple intentionally split the release dates. Last year the iPhone 8 and 8 plus the cheaper model were released first then the X on the 3rd of November. A lot of people upgraded to the 8 which hurt the X sale numbers.
This year Apple releases the more expensive phone first to make everyone buy the higher end iPhones first. It’s all a marketing scheme.
Gabe Gabe
Gabe Gabe:
I’m keeping my iPhone X until next September
Sammy Neale
Sammy Neale:
Ooooh like that shirt drew....
Titania 776
Titania 776:
I think the Xr is going to sell like hotcakes. Over time though, the Xr is for people that want a iPhone but price is still important. The Xr is not for people that want the latest and greatest right now. People will see the value in the Xr and I think the color cheapness idea will wash away when people hold the black or white R next to the Xs. The R is 80% the same phone as the Xs after all.
ZAKtalks TECH:
Psshh...whatever Drew. I bought 4!
That shirt tho...
I have an IPhone 5s for 4 years perfectly working and still a great value <3
Im waiting for next year than buy the IPhone Xr 64GB :)
Just like the Ipad 2018 the money for it will drop :D
The last time they really had "premium" and "accessible" phones come out the same time was 5S/5C. Last year with the 8 and X they did the 8 first then the X. It'll be interesting to see how it'll go the other way this year.

Also I think the XR would be the kind of phone that would do stronger in stores than online. People who don't do first-day upgrades might just walk into Apple stores during the holiday season and after, find out that there's a more affordable model with lots of color choices, and buy them in stores. I think the XR will sell well, but kind of like how the 8 did last year, slow and steady.
Hail Rain
Hail Rain:
I knew it wasn’t gonna sell well. Apple was stupid in my opinion for making the price so high without an OLED screen.
The Ace of Spades
The Ace of Spades:
They took another month to stock up and build more hype, it’ll sell great as expected, it’s an Apple.
Maybe they want to sell to those that could afford the XS first, before they sell the XR for those that are still on the fence.
Alex Torres
Alex Torres:
I pre ordered mine
Kimberley Higgins
Kimberley Higgins:
people may also be wanting to compare the screens for themselves in store and also see the colours IRL in order to choose
Ryan Rain
Ryan Rain:
I work in the mobile industry and I see every scenario he's taking about personally I have not sold a single Xr pre-order but I'm sure once we have them in store and on display ppl will consider and buy in at that time so far no hype for these devices
of course not!! I cant imagine buying a “full screen phone” with a notch, seriously that notch is pretty much the only thing that’s keeping me back
Ian Buchan
Ian Buchan:
Give it a bloody Chance its only Just Been released !!
Drew what are you wearing??? You be lookin like a dad
Aaron Carpenter
Aaron Carpenter:
There is good arguments from both sides but I hope the iPhone Xr sells more because it’s a good Apple phone
Mark Cruz Jr.
Mark Cruz Jr.:
U also forgot the basic fact it's an S year and by now people finally know and understand what that means and are just holding out till next year. Their 8/X are working just fine
Myspacey Corn
Myspacey Corn:
I think people are just waiting for it to be in the store! That’s what I’m doing. I want to see how it feels and looks.
Jacob Welte
Jacob Welte:
I imagine the XR next year will be a top seller
Anton Animations
Anton Animations:
Not even 1080p in a 750$ phone, I would rather stick with an 8 plus or the xs/max
shubhankar munshi
shubhankar munshi:
When is the Xs MAX review coming
Emerald Lx
Emerald Lx:
When it comes to specs the extra gb of RAM is big to me .
Fancy shirt Drew
Gyan Núñez
Gyan Núñez:
Hey, you don’t have to call out us gold users like that… 😭
Crazy Mario
Crazy Mario:
This is why I always watch the apple event so I can know what phones come out, I really want to upgrade from my iPhone 8 I want something new and the iPhone XR is perfect for me, I don’t care if it has a lower resolution than my iPhone 8,also RIP home button
Y'all tech YouTubers really talk down on the average consumer and its sad lol
Adam Gierscher
Adam Gierscher:
For me personally, I'm waiting until I can get hands on with the XR in store before I consider buying it
Jerry Puckett
Jerry Puckett:
Most of the young people I know wants premium line of whatever tech products if it’s an iPhone or a Galaxy or what ever SmartThings they have great video thanks for sharing
Just wanted to say thanks for posting, today was a tough day and it always makes me feel better when I watch your videos.
The reasson why the 5c failed..

5s: 649$
5c: 549$

Imran Vlogs
Imran Vlogs:
Drew going on a date today 😂😂
Alex Norton
Alex Norton:
I didn’t even know about the XR until I was using ipsw on my 8 plus and saw the “XR” 😂
They're waiting to see the screens in person
I just hate the color gradients. Everyone is making dual tone color but apple design picks crayola colors
Tech Nerd
Tech Nerd:
Love the shirt!
Vigh Márk
Vigh Márk:
Buy some new shirts,this old fashioned isn't so appealing anymore
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah:
The minute I was about to preorder, it sold out
Felix Taylor
Felix Taylor:
Mmmmmmmm an expensive phone with a screen with the same pixel density as the iPhone 4
Rohit Iyer
Rohit Iyer:
This might be start of amazing stuff from you drew. This video was very well explained. You could be wrong but the points you have made are very fair and food for thought.
I ordered one and cant wait till Friday to get it!
Mm that shirt. Nice! ❤️
Chloe Mcholoe
Chloe Mcholoe:
The colors are so beautiful, I wish the iPhone X had the colors as well :D Also IMO aluminium is better. That phone is all glass anyway at least make it lighter.... the thing that breaks is usually the glass not the frame!
João Victor Schiavo
João Victor Schiavo:
Wow, the audio is pretty loud. Great, please keep doing that. Our low-audio devices appreciate.
* sigh * Once again... I can see the microphone. 🤦🏻‍♂️😑
I am the 1k like 😁❤️
forget the XR. We deserve an in depth review of the shirt Drew!
Because of this shirt, we will stop calling you Apple Sheep, and start calling you Mr Sheep
uwiN viDanage
uwiN viDanage:
Drew is dressed-up 🔥
Chief Moller
Chief Moller:
2:16 R.I.P. Childhood.....
Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar:
satya pramod
satya pramod:
May be they are just waiting for the reviews to come out!
George Wade
George Wade:
We can see your microphone. Good video though 👍🏻
I’m still getting the XR around the holidays. A pre order stage of a smart phone doesn’t mean it won’t sell well. I’m pretty sure there’s circumstances where people can’t get the phone at launch.
Zach Lawson
Zach Lawson:
My friend just bought an iPhone 8 two weeks ago 😂🤦‍♂️ got eem
joe bloggs
joe bloggs:
I am with the others on this one the XR will be the best selling, just a couple of differences to the XS but 25% cheaper then the XS? It’s a no brainier for most people. Heck even I am considering the XR, this coming from a X owner.
Tony Mew
Tony Mew:
Nice shirt Drew! Love it!
Joseph Madrigal Velasco
Joseph Madrigal Velasco:
Ohh Drew you fancy!
Thomas Horsman
Thomas Horsman:
Everyone I’ve mentioned it to, had no idea the phone exists
Matthew Mills
Matthew Mills:
Damn, Drew looking fresh today. 😏
Samuel Samsolu
Samuel Samsolu:
First time I feel you have made sense 😪... 👍
Rob Santiago
Rob Santiago:
Nope they Waiting for New Iphone XI 2019
Cameron Sepeda
Cameron Sepeda:
So glad I didn’t wait and just got the XS Max 🤷‍♂️
Chloe Mcholoe
Chloe Mcholoe:
they could've delayed it to sell more expensive version of their phone
Varun Dharmavaram
Varun Dharmavaram:
Your movie review channel is great man!
C H:
“dat shirt doe”
Sam Felton
Sam Felton:
Love the shirt 👔 and is the mic quality better?
Shane Williams
Shane Williams:
hey its formal Drew
Phone Daft
Phone Daft:
First time EVER! Completely agree with you.
Cute mic placement
Marek Ignatowicz
Marek Ignatowicz:
Preordered XR in WHITE. Coming on Friday 😍
That's why I'm just gonna go with a used x
Ron Khumalo
Ron Khumalo:
I want to see the screen for myself before I buy one
med ray
med ray:
I want the red one. :)
Jason Bassett
Jason Bassett:
Maybe they’ve actually got a ton of stock
You’re videos give you A LOT of head room, how about cropping the videos so it completely fills the screen, or do what Jonathan Morrison does with his videos
sulaimaan ahmed
sulaimaan ahmed:
Will the vlog be live?
JP Gaming
JP Gaming:
10 r (10 really like a 5)
Drew with the fancy shirt lol
Like the 8, it will be a great seller overall!
Nacho Cheese
Nacho Cheese:
Drew off to Miami after this video to finalize the drug deal
By MonsterDi
By MonsterDi:
Please, bring back you t-shirts!,!,
Unis Zuurmond
Unis Zuurmond:
I’m getting one. But I’m not pre-ordering, need to see the colours in person first. That may be another reason...
Anyone remember iphone 5c ?