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These are 10 easy pranks and booby traps you can do for April Fools' Day on friends and family at home while you're in quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak. Please support this video by giving it a LIKE and Sharing with friends!

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These are simple practical jokes and booby traps you can set up on your loved ones on April 1st, these are fun to set up and will keep you entertained during these tough times of social distancing!



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Rigoberto Martinez
Rigoberto Martinez:
My cool comment is

Youtube : 1 view


Who else realized how close April Fools day was and just waited for this video
Anthoid Khanal
Anthoid Khanal:
The last prank I pulled at home is when I pranked my sister with a really, really creepy doll. So what I did was I put the doll in the bathroom and told my sister that there was a mouse in the bathroom but really there was a creepy doll. LOL Im also a huge fan of you Nextracker keep up the great work.
The Crafty Buds
The Crafty Buds:
One time I hid in a closet and trashed my house so my parents thought I got kidnapped and robbed but I chose to get out when they were calling the cops. I was grounded for 3 months
The galaxy gamer
The galaxy gamer:
The last prank I pulled at home when I pranked my sister with a fake Bug it was a great prank I put the fake bug on her door and when she pushed the door the fake bug fell
Emma Morete
Emma Morete:
The last prank I did at home was acting like I drowned and my little 7 year old sister tried CPR on me I still haven't told her it was a prank I really want the Nintendo switch so bad I love to win pls❤🐷🐷
Me trying to prank my dad

My dad: You can fool me i already saw that prank on tiktok
one time I was prank calling people, and one of them sounded like an automatic message so I said "are you a robot?" and the lady got mad and said " NO ARe YOu A RoBOt!!!!"
Javier Madrigal
Javier Madrigal:
I waited in a corner of my house and when my older brother came out i wet him with a water gun😈
Jacko G
Jacko G:
My last prank at home was when I ended my grandma’s Keto diet by putting fun dip in a water bottle and taped it to cover it.She suspected nothing about it.She fell for it and I laughed,My username is annsalcedoj and I never won.If I do I’d like anything if I won.I liked and subscribed.Great video
Kenzie Simone
Kenzie Simone:
It was giving my brother's oreos BUT with toothpast instead of frosting MOHAHAHAHAHHHHHHH
Dude you seem like such a nice and genuine guy keep up the videos man you’re the best :)
Squidword Barnacles
Squidword Barnacles:
The last prank I did was that I zip tied every single cabinet
Kat YT
Kat YT:
Ahh pranks I love them but I also hate them .my last prank was classic : my fav actually Oreos and tooth paste !
SL Wxrp
SL Wxrp:
I love your videos Nextraker they are amazing and I use them all the time. I’m planning on doing lots of pranks for a YouTube vid. Thanks for your amazing ideas!
Emil Shakhpandarov
Emil Shakhpandarov:
The last prank I did was accidentally dropping my baby brother that is 3 months old
Ebnerboy12 acc
Ebnerboy12 acc:
I really want to win something I never win anything and my Instagram username is EbnerRamirez
MG hype
MG hype:
First and I pranked my mom by turning off her alarm 😂
Setul Bhatt
Setul Bhatt:
Can I have AirPods pls I love your pranks they are the best ones 😊 or the prank kit is super fine. Also I tried the slime one and my my mom freaked 😂 But I was in Big Trouble
1:18 we are in quarantine and you went to Walmart. Well done
The Willie Oneill Show
The Willie Oneill Show:
Hi, nex I would love to win one of your give away items except for the air pods I already have air pods my Instagram is @thewillieoneillshow and I subscribed to your YouTube and channel and I followed your Instagram bye ps. I would love to win the Nintendo Switch in paticular but I don't mind getting the prank set thank you bye
Ps. I hope I win
False Advertising
False Advertising:
🔴🔵🔴🔴the last time I pranked someone was when I did that bear with silly string prank to my sister she was pissed but it was funn🤣🤣🤣
If this video gets 8K likes, I would love to win a pair of AirPods. I enjoy your vids and have been a long time subscriber, I liked the video also.
Big Smoke • 1 second ago
Big Smoke • 1 second ago:
Last prank i did was boring, i hid my little sister’s tablet.
I really love ur vids, the last prank I pulled off was when I tampered with chips and replaced them with the paper you showed on one of your videos. And the giveaway I want is the AirPods because my earphones got damaged and my friend has some and I would give anything to get these.
I love the pranks! I would like a gag bag to prank my friends and family on April fools if I can! :D
Jenan Alzidani
Jenan Alzidani:
Ok I already know that I'll never win a Giveaway so I'm basically always sad 😭😢 thanks
Emiliano Hernandez
Emiliano Hernandez:
Tap my brothers legs when he was asleep
Isobel Flynn
Isobel Flynn:
Those are great pranks I'm definitely going to try them today. The last prank I did was on my brother I put tape on the tap and he got sooo wet 😂
David Puente
David Puente:
ive seen ur vids for a long time and i hope i win the nintendo switch and i subscibed and liked the vid the last prank i did was on my friend i put slime on his key bord
Veronica Chacon
Veronica Chacon:
i prankt my brother with the draw and den soda falls pls i want to win something iam borde every day i just watch youtube
Ellie Rutherford
Ellie Rutherford:
Hope I win I really want a Nintendo switch so freaking bad! I hope I win I subscribe and liked your video and this is my comment ok love ur pranks there amazing
I liked and subscibed and you are the best i love i ate in class when i was hungry just because of i dont know what would happen to me without you
Please i want the nintendo switch
Moosa Rafiuddin
Moosa Rafiuddin:
I'm gonna send my friends a 3d picture that looks real and scare them
mira schaeff's mice
mira schaeff's mice:
Hi! The most recent prank is I put cocoa powder in the sponge 😂
Jersey-Rae Loy
Jersey-Rae Loy:
I really love your videos my last prank that I did was on my brother I acted like a crack his phone by using an old phone and I really love airpods in all those present I really need prank one so please please please I really really want to be one of your winners for once I followed you and everything my Instagram Jersey 4245
Sara Aboslah
Sara Aboslah:
The last prank i did is when i got my brothers phone and i panted on the cover and he was sooo mad

I also got in trouble 😅😅😅
Arianna Myles
Arianna Myles:
I would really enjoy the nentendo switch😎 the last prank I pulled was on my mom. I put baby powder in her blow dryer and she had to rewash her hair😂
Glitching Minecraft player
Glitching Minecraft player:
The last prank I did on my parents was actually one of your Halloween pranks. When my opened the bathroom door they were scared my a vampire whose mouth was dripping with blood.
*Btw I have a very good prank idea.* In the prank you take a screenshot of the home screen and then edit it and add fake virus images to it. So when they open their phone they are gonna see the virus. So it gives them a small 1 sec scare.
Mangala R
Mangala R:
I love your pranks. I tried it on my father's phone he was very annoyed. Thanks for the pranks
Lipi Head Email
Lipi Head Email:
Bro I subbed on all my accounts now literally I have 12 accounts and I subbed on all my accounts :))
Jesus Cosme
Jesus Cosme:
The last prank i did was falling off my house stairs and broke my hand :))
no nono
no nono:
Love the videos and the last prank I pulled was a prank on my brother were I took my old phon and broke i told him it was his phon he freaked out
Owens workbench
Owens workbench:
The last prank I pulled was when I hid behind the door and scared my dad
My last prank was with silly string I scared my grandma and sprayed her 😀
i need the switch becuase my brothers birthday ius coming up and hes been wanting a switch ever since they came out and we cant afford one
It's_ Maparazitie
It's_ Maparazitie:
I love your videos and the last prank I did was on my brother I got him healthy popcorn and told him it was lots of butter. He freaked out once he saw it
Username aaliyahd694
If I get picked
Micah Crayton
Micah Crayton:
Your videos always make my day I hope I win any prize I can't wait to prank my family and friends on April fool's.
Syncondia Davis
Syncondia Davis:
Is my April Fool's is I'm going to prank everybody my house and if I get the iPhone or Nintendo a snack box thank you I'll be update for more your videos
Chloe Hanniman
Chloe Hanniman:
The last spring I pulled off was keeping the light switch from one of your videos
Ryan Bradbury
Ryan Bradbury:
Loved these pranks I'm definitely doing the peanut butter prank!!! My last prank was getting clear tape and I taped my toilet roll shut my mum used the toilet and she couldn't use the paper lol! My insta is king ryan bradbury 13
Good video
Noah Budwany
Noah Budwany:
Nextraker did you take the prank with the broken phone glass on April 7 2019 because your phone say's the date? Thank's for the video really is helping
DGC Productions
DGC Productions:
The last prank I pulled off at home was me pretending to eat sunscreen when in reality I replaced the sunscreen with vanilla pudding. My mom totally freaked out 😂😂😂
Katelyn Pate
Katelyn Pate:
I really want the tendo switc the last prank that I done was prank my older sister that Chromebook was broken
Miraculous Adrenette
Miraculous Adrenette:
My last prank was when I put my sister toothbrush in the 🚽
amariana young
amariana young:
The best prank I pulled of was when I put clear nail polish on my mom soap and it would not lather up and that was her last bar of soap!!!
LeAnna Cheek
LeAnna Cheek:
the last prank i pulled was yesterday and i asked my dad to crack my back and i put dry pasta in my mouth and it sounded like it cracked really loud.😂😂 this prank all over tiktok and a lot of people do it but his reaction was priceless.😂
the last prank I pulled off at home was when someone opened the fridge and then some milk spilled
Red 'Mations
Red 'Mations:
I pulled a prank on whoever walking in my room by balancing a shoe ontop of the door which was slightly open I ended up getting my sister with ut
Emmanuel Suarez
Emmanuel Suarez:
My Last prank was when I changed my brother's phone to another phone then I cracked it and I gave him his phone back
Giri Pai
Giri Pai:
I will need a Nintendo switch my prank was cutting my daddy’s hair there is app so I downloaded it I had some fake hair and my account is colouryourlifey
A D D I C T:
I love this vid but i do want one of those switching
xXOurGacha WorldXx
xXOurGacha WorldXx:
I put an air horn on my friend's rolling chair, so when he lowered his rolling chair (which he does alot) the air horn will make a really loud noise, and the air horn was supposed to be used for boats
Mac blue ster
Mac blue ster:
The last prank I pulled was when I put LEGO on the floor of my parents room when there were sleeping I put the there so when thay Wake up thay step on Legos
The last prank I pulled was disliking one of your videos! xD
The last prank I pulled was when my mom and dad had the same phones and it looked like both were the same phones but they had different phone cases to I switched their cases
I pranked my brothers to think we were moving 😂
The last prank I did was putting bubble wrap in my mom’s pillow.
Monique Thomas
Monique Thomas:
The last time I did a prank call on my d brother
Kamber’s Vlogs
Kamber’s Vlogs:
The last prank I did was one in your videos. You are such a great prankster and I love your vids your the best
The prank I made was giving my friend ON HIS BDAY (cuz his b day is on April fools day) I gave him a fake cake so when he cut it just sliced through in a fraction of a second but, I gave him an ice cream cake
Karena Putera
Karena Putera:
The last break I did on my brother when I gave Oreos toothpaste and also I filled the snickers bar with mayonnaise and mustard
I’m really want a nitendo switch because my brother allways wanted one and I want to surprise him I hope you see this I’m hoping my best 💖
James Da man
James Da man:
I love seeing these pranks and then trying some of them
Gerardo Mazariegos
Gerardo Mazariegos:
Please let me have the prank kit or the airpods bye the way I followed u on Instagram and u post good stuff
Cing Kim
Cing Kim:
Can you give one giveaway to me cause I never got a giveaway in my whole life
Owen Prince
Owen Prince:
The last prank I did was tape my sister's phone to the ceiling and she looked for it for hours lol. I'd want the airpods btw find me on Instagram
Mexican Chungis
Mexican Chungis:
The last prank I did es throw disappearing ink all over my parents.
Cool Canadian Kids
Cool Canadian Kids:
next tracker i’m gonna do these on my brothers also i liked can i have the prank kit my insta gram is: slifgar
Dustin Cedillo
Dustin Cedillo:
The last prank I pulled was when I told my mom my brother got lost
I pranked my sister 2 days ago I did that invisible prank on her and it was hilarious I recommend that prank😂
Pretending breaking a phone 😁
I really want some AirPods since my parents can’t afford one and everyone in my school has one and the last prank I did was on one of my friends I put a whoppe cousion on his chair
gaming with Tyler
gaming with Tyler:
i Pranked my brother on sunday i was super fun thank you for teahing me pranks
Reckless Sniper
Reckless Sniper:
The last prank I did was put slime on my dads computer and it looked like vomit🤢🤮
Hope I can get some airpods so I can watch your videos at school with em🤓
mario gamer
mario gamer:
The last prank I did was when I put my hoodie on backwards and put the hood on and when someone took the hood of I jumped at them with some kind of mask..... it's a popular prank on TikTok
Baily Webster
Baily Webster:
I liked the videoand I'm subscribed with my post notification turned and the last prank i did was on my nephew falling off my bike prank because I don't have prank kit and I really want one my email is [email protected]
Uvika Sharma
Uvika Sharma:
Sai Tourism
Sai Tourism:
Hello nextraker i ave been a long subscriber since i was 5th grade nice too see your still uploading keep up the good work 👍
Axstro .exe123
Axstro .exe123:
The prank I did last year is I unscrewed the sink pipe and water went everywhere love your vids bro keep up the good work
Water Sheep is not dead
Water Sheep is not dead:
My last prank was flexing my neared earned to from friend
super Snoopy Joseph 64
super Snoopy Joseph 64:
I want to set up a pranks on April Fool's Day
Jib Ty Besb
Jib Ty Besb:
The last prank i did was the Oreo on my mom but i seemed that the prank came back towards me 😂😂😑😑😑😑
Kobi Boy
Kobi Boy:
Loved all the pranks 🤣😂
Ghady Issa
Ghady Issa:
I face cracked my sister's phone and she got really mad🤣 I really want the Nintendo switch pleeeeease 😭
The last prank I pulled was I put a piece of tape on my brothers sink and when he turned it on it sprayed him
Kelly's girls
Kelly's girls:
My last prank was when my big brother got out his room blue pain fell all over him it took a long time to clean up
Ye ye Nation frog
Ye ye Nation frog:
I would love to win I pull a prank on my mom yesterday I did the broken phone prank
Micah Crayton
Micah Crayton:
The last prank I pulled on my brother where I woke him up in the middle of the night and said I was bleeding.